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Tasks/Deleting properties from Proposal's definition

Title: Deleting fields from Proposal's definition

Description: Delete the fields 'Scenario' and 'Examples (OWL files) from the form of Proposed CPs. The property Scenario that is now associated to the field 'Scenario' has to be kept, however its range has to be changed from Text to Page (of type Scenario). This property should be used in order to relate a CP to its associated scenarios when users create them. The ideal situation would be to create such a relation automatically when a user adds a scenario for a CP. Otherwise, we have to leave the field and allow to name scenario pages in the same way we manage ontology elements. The CPInstatiationExample property can be deleted as we now use the more generic OWLFile property.

  • Priority: High

Sub-tasks: This task has no sub-tasks

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