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Free text on pattern submision page +WimPeters  +


GUI should state root path of ODP Categories +DanielSchober  +
Gender not mandatory +EvaBlomqvist  +
Group assignment inconsistency +EvaBlomqvist  +


Imporvements to main page +MartaSabou  +
Improving feedback mechanism +MartaSabou  +


Knowledge Engineering Course, Paris, 2013 +AldoGangemi  +
Knowledge Representation Course, Paris, 2012 +AldoGangemi  +


Legal Ontology Design +AldoGangemi  +, MeritxellFernandez  +, MariangelaBiasiotti  +
List Patterns: link inconsistency +EvaBlomqvist  +
Logo +EvaBlomqvist  +


Mathematical expressions +AldoGangemi  +, ClaudioBaldassarre  +, MargheritaSini  +,
Meaningful links +MariaPoveda  +
Merge additional catalog of ODPs into this Wiki +BenedictoRodriguezCastro  +
Metrics +EvaBlomqvist  +, JeffWaters  +
Modelling Questions +EvaBlomqvist  +, JeffWaters  +
Modifying a proposed CP +MariaPoveda  +
Modifying a proposed reengineering pattern +WimPeters  +
Multiple Alternative Classification Criteria +BenedictoRodriguezCastro  +, HughGlaser  +, LesCarr  +


NeOn 2008 Tutorial on Computational Ontologies +ValentinaPresutti  +
Number of downloads for a Content OP +ValentinaPresutti  +


ODP types - error in figure +EvaBlomqvist  +
On Modeling Issues +MartaSabou  +
Ontology Design Patterns for Linked Data Publishing at ISWC 2016 +ValentinaPresutti  +, AldoGangemi  +, KarlHammar  +,
Ontology Design with the NeOn Toolkit - NeOn tutorial +ValentinaPresutti  +, EvaBlomqvist  +, AldoGangemi  +,
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