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References/NeOn Deliverable D5 1 1 8 +NeOn Deliverable D5.1.1: NeOn modelling components
References/NeOn Deliverables +NeOn Project Deliverables
References/NeOn-FAO-Case-study +NeOn-FAO case study overview
References/NeOn-FAO-Ontology-driven-Stock-Depletion-Alert-System +Ontology-driven Stock Depletion Alert System
References/Normalization ODP +Normalization Ontology Design Pattern
References/Normalization ODP 2 +Normalization Ontology Design Pattern
References/Normalization ODP 3 +Normalization Ontology Design Pattern
References/OWL 2 web ontology language primer +Krotzsch, M., Patel-Schneider, P.F., Rudolph, S., Hitzler, P., Parsia, B.: OWL 2 web ontology language primer. Technical report, W3C (October 2009).
References/OWL web ontology language guide +Welty, C., McGuinness, D.L., Smith, M.K.: OWL web ontology language guide. W3C recommendation, W3C (February 2004).
References/OWLED 2007 Paper +Paper: "Describing chemical functional groups in OWL-DL for the classification of chemical compounds." by Natalia Villanueva-Rosales1, Michel Dumontier
References/Online Browsing and Documentation of GoodRelations +Online Browsing and Documentation of GoodRelations
References/OntoClean Wiki Entry Wiki article
References/OntoClean Wikipedia article +Wikipedia article
References/Ontology development 101 +N. F. Noy and D. McGuinness. Ontology development 101: A guide to creating your first ontology. Technical Report SMI-2001-0880, Stanford Medical Informatics, Stanford, 2001.
References/Ontology overview - UML Class Diagram +Shows the major classes in GoodRelations
References/Ordered List Ontology announcement +A blog post about the Ordered List Ontology with examples and graphics.
References/Ordered List Ontology announcement 2 +A blog post about the Ordered List Ontology with examples and graphics.
References/PERICLES project homepage +The homepage of the PERICLES project that supported the development of this ODP.
References/PSL AIMAG +Gruninger, M. and Menzel, C. (2003)The Process Specification Language: Theory and Applications, AI Magazine, 24:63-74.
References/PSL Downloads +PSL Downloads
References/PSL Home Page +PSL Home Page
References/PSL for flow models +Bock, C. and Gruninger, M. (2004) PSL: A semantic domain for flow models, Software and Systems Modeling.
References/PSL-Schedule +Cheng, J., Gruninger, M., Sriram, R., and Law, K. (2003)Process Specification Language for project scheduling information exchange, International Journal of IT in Architecture, Engineering and Construction, 1:307-328.
References/Paper +Taamallah, A., Khemaja, M., & Faiz, S. (2018, October). Toward a framework for smart city strategies design. In Proceedings of the 3rd international conference on smart city applications (pp. 1-7).
References/Paper 2 +Taamallah, A., Khemaja, M., & Faiz, S. (2018, October). Towards a framework for participatory strategy design in smart cities. In The Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Smart City Applications (pp. 179-192). Springer, Cham.
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