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Title. This property assigns a title to the ODP wiki page. Typically titles are used for facilitating the identification of a page of interest. Hence, titles should be enough to provide the reader with an idea of the content of the page. The value of this property is of type Text.

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Different types of relationships +Different types of relationships for ontology representation


ESWC2010 Tutorial 2 - Extreme Design (XD): Pattern-based Ontology Design +ESWC2010 Tutorial 2 - Extreme Design (XD): Pattern-based Ontology Design
ESWC2010 Tutorial 2 - Extreme Design (XD): Pattern-based Ontology Design/Creating CQs (and exercising SPARQL syntax) +Creating CQs (and exercising SPARQL syntax)
ESWC2010 Tutorial 2 - Extreme Design (XD): Pattern-based Ontology Design/Hands-on with Content ODPs - Music industry example +Hands-on with Content ODPs - Music industry example
EXtreme Design (XD): Pattern-based Ontology Design +eXtreme Design (XD): Pattern-based Ontology Design
EXtreme Design (XD): Pattern-based Ontology Design/XD Hands-on +XD Hands-on
Element Names +Names for Title, tab, < h1 > and navigation menu
Error in links +Link does not available
Exporting odp content +ExportingODPContent
Extreme Design (XD): Pattern-based Ontology Design +Extreme Design (XD): Pattern-based Ontology Design (K-CAP 2009)
Extreme Design (XD): Pattern-based Ontology Design/Hands-on session K-CAP tutorial +Hands-on session K-CAP tutorial


FSDAS Scenario +FSDAS Scenarios
FSDAS Scenario 2 +FSDAS Scenario 2
Fields which values separated by commas +An idea to edit and print fields which values separated by commas
Finding Rateable Properties of Ontologies +Finding Rateable Properties of Ontologies
Free text on pattern submision page +display of free text on pattern submission page


GUI should state root path of ODP Categories +State full ODP Category root-path on all concrete ODP pages.
Gender not mandatory +Gender not mandatory when registering an account
Group assignment inconsistency +Group assignment inconsistency


HasHabitat +has habitat


Imporvements to main page +Main page could be improved
Improving feedback mechanism +It is not clear how to submit a feedback


Knowledge Engineering Course, Paris, 2013 +Knowledge Engineering Course, Paris, 2013
Knowledge Representation Course, Paris, 2012 +Knowledge Representation Course, Paris, 2012


Legal Ontology Design +Legal Ontology Design
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