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CatherineRoussey about Inverse n-ary relationship (Revision ID: n-ary relationship?oldid=10060 10060)

Overall suggestion (score): 2 - accept for certification

Review Summary: This pattern express that an n-ary relationship (OffersServiceAtPlaceTimeWithPrice) can be summarize in a simple relationship (provideService property) between the two main participants (ServiceProvider and Service).

The relationship between the two main participants can be modelized with different details (rought modelization and detailed one).

The purpose of this pattern is to make the querying of the knowledge based more easy. But you will have to manage the updating of the knowledge base. The simple relation may exist even if the n-ary relationship do not...and vice versa...So if there is no problem with that point I am OK... Maybe you could explain that the creation of the simple relationship can be derived from the existence of the n-ary relationship.
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Posted: 2010-09-10 Last modified: 2010/9/16

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16-09-2010 CatherineRoussey says:

I agree that the name of the pattern do not hep to understand the purpose of the pattern. Maybe a name like simplification Of Nary Relation is more understandable... the Nary relationship pattern should be add before on the portal.

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