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List of CQs of all Content ODPs

AOS AGROVOC Concept Server fundation ontology model What is the structure i should use if i want to distinguish between domain concepts and their terminology?
ActingFor Who is working for which organization? Who is representing the company?
Action What actions is this action dependent on?
When was this action started?
What are the actions contained in this plan?
What are the consequences of this action?
What is the status of this action?
When was this action completed?
What is the suspension time of this action?
ActivitySpecification What are the preconditions (effects) of a given activity?
Is/are the precondition(s) true at some time t?
Is/are the effect(s) true at some time t?
If we observe some state
what activity may have caused it?
AffectedBy CQ1: What are the properties/qualities that influence a feature of interest?
CQ2: What are the properties/qualities that affect a given property of a feature of interest?
CQ3: Which feature of interest does a given property/quality belongs to?
Affordance Which is the strength of an Affordance?

Which tasks are afforded in a certain situation? How should an agent behave in a certain situation?

Which are the parameters involved in certain task?
AgentRole which agent does play this role?
what is the role that played by that agent?
AlgorithmImplementationExecution Which algorithm is implemented by this implementation?
What are the implementations of this algorithm?
Which implementation is executed?
What are the parameters of this implementation?
What are the parameter settings of particular parameters in this execution?
What is the input to this implementation execution?
What is the output produced by the this implementation execution?
What algorithm does this execution realize?
What task does this execution achieves?
What is the duration of this execution?
What is the input this task is defined on?
An Ontology Design Pattern for Activity Reasoning What are the requirements to complete an activity?
Which places are involved in the activity?
Can other planned activities/tasks be combined with this activity?
Which chained activities are necessary to achieve this activity?
Which activities are afforded by specific places?
Where and when to acquire an activity-relevant object?
AquaticResourceObservation For an aquatic resource
what species
in what fishing areas
climatic zones
bottom types
depth zones
geo forms
horizontal and vertical distribution
and for what standardized abundance level
exploitation state and rate
have been observed? for what reference year? At what year the observation has been recorded?
AquaticResources What species are present in this aquatic resource/stock? In what water area this aquatic resource/stock lives in?
Auriol Degbelo what does a geovisualization say about topic X?

At which spatial scale is that statement valid? At which temporal scale is the statement valid? what do other users say about a geovisualization

which features share similar traits on a given geovisualization?
Bag What bag is this item an element of?
What is the size of this bag?
What resource does this item refer to?
What are the items contained in this bag?
Bias Event Pattern Who were the participants in the Bias event?

Who was involved as bias recipient in a bias event?

Who was involved as bias source in a bias event?

What type of bias is documented?

What bias detection method was used?

What is the implication of the bias event documented?

Who are the bias recipient agents that do not have a bias source agent?

What are the bias events for which the bias recipient role is unknown?

What are the bias events for which the bias source role is unknown?
Biological Entities
Born Digital Archives <p><i>What are the main entities (units) that compose born digital archives?</i> These are:<ul><li>fonds</li> <li>series</li> <li>files</li> <li>items</li></ul></p>

<p><ul><li><i>What is the hierarchy of units within a born digital archive?</i> Fonds composed from series or files; series composed from files; files composed from items.</li></ul></p>

<p><ul><li><i>Who is the creator of an archive?</i> The creator is an entity of type foaf:Agent.</li></ul></p>
Complaint Design Pattern What is the claim of the complainant?
Which facts happened in 'this' date or in 'this' place?
Who is involved in this complaint?
Who is the complaint recipient?
What motivates the complaint?
Which facts describe the complaint?
What evidences are used to prove the narrated fact?
Which medium was used to express the complaint?
CatchRecord What species
and what amount of organisms
have been caught from what areas
at what date and fishing year?
ChessGame List all moves in a Fools Mate game where black wins after 2 moves by both players?

What did Kasparov say about his opponent first two moves in his commentary about his game against Topalov in 1999 Tournament in Wijk aan Zee?

Who played against Kasparov in the round 1994 Linares tournament? Did (s)he play as a white or black player?

What is the first move taken by black player in the Sicilian Defence opening?
City Resident Pattern 1. Does the person reside in the city/country?

2. How long has the person resided in the city?

3. Is the person a citizen of the country which contains the city?

4. Does the person have a residence/home/domicile in the city?

5. If the person has more than one residence
where does the person spend the most time?

6. Does the person own property or business in the city?

7. Does the person operate a business in the city?

8. Is the person an official resident of the city?
Classification What concept is assigned to this entity?
Which category does this entity belong to?
ClimaticZone What resource has what climatic zone?
Co-participation What objects participate in a same event?
Who is involved with whom in something?
Collection What things are contained in this collection (community
collective)? What collections this thing is member of?
CollectionEntity Which collection this entity is member of?
Which are the members of this collection?
CommunicationEvent What is the status of this event?
What is the purpose of this communication?
What are the valid contact mechanisms for this communication?
What roles did the different parties have in this communication event?
What are the roles of the parties involved in this relationship?
What was the contact mechanism used for this comunication?
When did this communication event take place?
In what reltionship context did this communication take place?
Componency What is this object component of? What are the components of this object?
ComputationalEnvironment Our goal was to arrive at an ontology design pattern that is capable of answering the following competency questions:

– What environment do I need to put in place in order to replicate the work in Paper X?

– There has been an error found in Script Y. Which analyses need to be re-run?

– Based on recent research in Field Z
what tools and resources should new students work to become familiar with?

– Are the results from Study A and Study B comparable from a computational

environment perspective?
Computer System <p><i>What is currently installed in a computer?</i> A computer uses specific pieces of hardware and software.</p>

<p><ul><li><i>What software or hardware is required so that some other software or hardware can operate properly?</i> This relationship is represented with properties requiresSoftware and requiresHardware.</li></ul></p>

<p><ul><li><i>What software or hardware is compatible with other software or hardware?</i> This is expressed via the isCompatibleWith relationship.</li></ul></p>
ConceptTerms How to distinguish a preferred term or label from synonyms in order to name a concept?
How to enable cross language searching?
How to allow adding properties on term?
Constituency Which are the constituents of this entity?
What does this entity is constituent of?
Course • What is the course name?

• What is the course number? • Who is the instructor of the course?

• Who is taking the course?
Criterion What criterion is applied to a given thing?
What satisfies this criterion?
What thing is this criterion applied for?
CriterionSetter What defines this criterion?
Are there any criterion setters that determine this thing (or this domain)?
What criterion is defined by given criterion setter?
What domains (and/or domain objects) are affected by a given criterion setter (for example by a requirement)?
Description Which are the assumptions under which a certain thing is described?
Which are the concepts involved in the description of a certain thing?
What is the interpretation of this case/event/observation?
Description in Range What are the descriptions related to a particular entity?
What entities are described in terms of a particular concept?
How the concepts involved in the description of a certain entity have been restricted within particular bounds?
DetectorFinalState Retrieve all analyses that veto extra leptons.

Retrieve all analyses that used jets in the final state.

Retrieve all analyses requireing particles to have an invariant mass near the Z pole.

Retrieve all analyses requiring large missing energy.
DigitalVideo <i>What does a digital video file consist of?</i> A digital video file usually consists of one or more streams. These streams are compressed using codecs (coder-decoder) and wrapped into a container.

<ul><li><i>What types of streams exist in a video file?</i> Video streams audio streams and subtitle streams. A video file has at least one video stream and may also have any number and any type of other streams.</li></ul>

<ul><li><i>What types of codecs exist?</i> Video and audio codecs.</li></ul>
Disposition What is the triggering process for a given disposition? (e.g.
a dose of penicilin can unfold its antibiotic disposition when being swallowed) What is the realization of a given disposition? (e.g.
developing a fever
EEP CQ1: What are the observations/actuations performed by a given procedure?
CQ2: What are the observations/actuations performed by a given sensor/actuator?
CQ3: What are the procedures implemented by a given sensor/actuator?
CQ4: What are the features of interest on a given observation/actuation?
CQ5: What are the properties/qualities sensed/actuated by a given
CQ6: What are the features of interest of a given sensor/actuator?
CQ7: What are the properties/qualities sensed/actuated by a given executor?
EventCore Where and when did the 1990 World Chess Championship Match take place?
Who were involved in the 1990 World Chess Championship Match?
EventProcessing What event objects are this complex event object and abstraction of?
What is the header/body of this event object?
What are the parts of this composite event object?
What is the timestamp of this event object?
By what sensor was this event object recorded?
What actual event does this event object document?
What are the attribute values of this event object?
Experience & Observation In what ways can one person be engaged in a single activity?

- What personal observations were produced by reflecting upon an activity being carried out?

- Which activities performed by someone have prompted an observation from that person and which haven't?
Food Recipe Ingredient Substitution ODP
Food Recipe Ingredient Substitution Ontology Design Pattern <ul>

<li> What ingredient is being replaced with another ingredient or a set of ingredients? </li> <li> What are the dietary features of the ingredient? </li> <li> What are the food technology features of the ingredient? </li> <li> What are nutrition values the ingredient has? </li> <li> What is the quantity of the ingredient being processed in the recipe? What is the unit of the quantity?</li> <li> What is the objective of ingredient substitution? </li> <li> What conditions (dietary and technological) are specified for selecting the target ingredient? </li> <li> How is the ingredient processed in the given recipe? </li> <li>What is the ratio for substitution of one ingredient into another? </li> <li>What ingredient substitutions are possible in the recipe? </li> <li> What ingredient substitutions are available in the recipe given dietary constraints? </li> <li>What are available substitutes for a given food item? What are substitutes for the ingredient in the recipe? </li>

GO Top What are the possible most general supertypes for any type from the gene-related domain?
What entity is part of another entity in the gene-related domain?
GearSpecies what type of fishing gear can catch what aquatic species?
GearVessel what vessel type can equip what gear type?
GearWaterArea in which water areas are what gear types used?
Gesture Interaction
HasPest Which organism cause damage to a particular plant or animal?
HazardousSituation What object (person or organization or equipment etc.) is exposed to a hazard?
To which hazard is exposed an object (person or organization or equipment etc.)?
Which hazardous events are associated with a hazardous situation?
What is the cause of a hazardous event?
What is the consequence of a hazardous event?
What is the value of exposure of an object being exposed to a hazard?
Information realization what are the physical realizations of this information object?
what information objects are realized by this physical object?
IntensionExtension What is the meaning of an information object?
What information objects express this meaning?
What is this about?
How can I call this?
Invoice What are the transactions involved in this invoice?
What is the order this invoice is referring to?
What is the line item for this invoice?
What is the amount of the transactions involved in this invoice?
What currency is applied to this invoice?
LCA Pattern Is a certain flow a reference product?
What is the location of an activity?
List What are the items (elements) in this list?
What is the length (size) of this list?
What is the first/last item in this list?
What resource does this list item contain?
What it the next/previous item in the list?
Literal Reification What is the context in which entities refer to a particular literal value?
What is the meaning of a particular value considering the context in which it is used?
Logistics Service (LoSe ODP)
Map Legend Ontology What are the common symbol resources to represent highway transportation systems?

Which maps show places with a population density larger than 1000 people per square miles?

Which maps contain both Ski Areas and Camping Areas?
Material Transformation What material resources were required to produce a product?
Where did the transformation take place?
What was the time necessary for the transformation?
What other materials or conditions were necessary for the transformation process to occur?
What materials change during the transformation?
MaterialsProperty What is the temperature range where an ultimate tensile strength of x is valid for material y?
What materials give off a faint odor of burnt hair during a burn test?
Who established values in the range of x to y as the plane-strain fracture toughness for material z?
What plate materials have a crack growth rate less than x in air for a stress intensity range greater than y
a stress ratio of 0.3
and a crack plane orientation of L-T?
Metonymy-species-commodity For which commodity is the species used when caught?
ModifiedHazardousSituation What is the consequence of exposing a particular object to a particular hazard for a particular amount of time?
What are the hazards to a particular object at a particular geographic location?
What hazards are capable of causing a given consequence?
What susceptibilities could result in negative consequences to an object exposed to a particular hazard?
What mitigation strategies could be used to effect exposure to a particular hazard?
Musicalobject what is the fundamental frequency of a musical object?
what are the different frequencies that make up the spectrum of a musical object?
what is the duration in seconds of a musical object
in a given performance?
how is the envelope of a musical object shaped?
Nary Participation What are the participants in that event at this time?
What events had what participants in that location?
NewsReportingEvent What aspects of an actual event were presented in the news message?
Who reported an actual event? Which news provider they represented?
When was a certain actual event reported for the first time?
What actual events are presented in a certain medium/by media of a certain news provider?
How was an actual event presented?
Notepattern what is the name of a note?
what part of the score does a note belong to?
what are the dynamic indications referring to a note in the score?
what is the fundamental frequency of a note?
what are the different frequencies that make up the spectrum of a note?
what is the duration in seconds of a note
in a given performance?
how is the envelope of a note shaped?
OOPMetrics What are the software metrics for a particular project/package/class/method?

Knowing the software metrics
is there a design-flaw in the software system?
Care sunt metricile soft pentru un anumit proiect/pachet/clasa/metoda?

Cunoscand metricile soft
exista un defect de proiectare in sistemul soft?
Object with states Objects must have a unique state
Object states must belong to a single collection of non-duplicate elements (i.e.
to a set)
The possible states are: StateA
StateB and StateC
An object can have three different states
Objects in StateA must have at least one value for property property1
Objects in StateB must have at most one value for property property2
Objects in StateC must have exactly one value for property property3
Objectrole what role does this object play?
which objects do play that role?
Observation What objects have been observed? What are the observations of this object? What are the parameters under which this object was observed? What objects were observed under this parameter?
PartOf what is this entity part of?
What are the parts of this entity?
ParticipantRole What is the role of this object in this event?
What is the object holding this role in this event?
In what event did this object hold this role?
Participation Which objects do participate in this event? Which events do this object participate in?
PeriodicInterval What is the period of the interval 'every tuesday of 2010'? The period is a week (weekly).
Place Where is a certain thing located? What is located at this place?
Policy <p><i>What are the main entities associated with a policy?</i> A policy is usually associated with:<ul><li>super/sub-policies</li> <li>processes</li> <li>agents</li> <li>other entities</li></ul></p>

<p><ul><li><i>What are the main attributes of a policy?</i> They are:
policy type
requirement level
implementation status
automation status</li></ul></p>

<p><ul><li><i>Where is a policy described?</i> Statements are detailed text (formal or non- formal) definitions of the policy contents.</li></ul></p>
Pollution 1. What are the contributors of the pollution? 2. What is the pollutant concentration at a particular time and place? 3. What are the carriers that contributed to the pollution? 4. What are the pollutants carried by a carrier? 5. What are the prescribed standards for a particular pollutant? 6. What is the trajectory of a carrier for a pollutant?
PrivacyPolicyPersonalData What personal data is collected? e.g. email
  • Does the data have a category? e.g. contact information
  • What was its source? e.g. user
  • How is it collected? e.g. given by user or automated
  • What is it used for? e.g. creating an account and authentication and verification
  • How long is it retained for? e.g. 90days after account deletion
  • Who is it shared with? e.g. ‘partners’
  • What is the legal basis? e.g. given consent or legitimate use
  • What processes/purposes was the data shared for? e.g. analytics or marketing
  • What is the legal type of third party? e.g. processor or controller or authority
Reaction In which order some agents has been involved in a situation?
Who contributed to produce a particular reaction?
Who contributed to some event?
Who produced
directly as well as indirectly
a certain event?
Who reacted to some event?
Reactor pattern 1. What are the inputs consumed by a certain process?
2. What environmental conditions need to hold for the process to get activated?
3. What are the outputs produced by the process?
4. Which event triggers a specific process?
5. What is the measurement criteria for a specific parameter?
RecurrentEventSeries What are the events of a recurrent event series?
Which is the time period elapsing between two events of a recurrent event series?
When is the next event of a recurrent event series scheduled?
What are the unifying criteria shared by all the events in a recurrent event series?
Which is the (immediate) next event in a recurrent event series?
Which is the (immediate) previous event in a recurrent event series?
RecurrentSituationSeries What are the situations of a recurrent situation series?
Which is the time period elapsing between two situations of a recurrent situation series?
When is the next situation of a recurrent situation series scheduled?
What are the unifying criteria shared by all the situations in a recurrent situation series?
Which are the unifying situations shared by a (subset of) the situations member of a recurrent situation series?
When is a unifying situation valid?
Which is the (immediate) next situation in a recurrent situation series?
Which is the (immediate) previous situation in a recurrent situation series?
Region What is the value for the attribute of that entity?
Which entities have a certain value on that parameter/attribute/feature?
ReportingEvent What characteristics (date/participants/cause etc.) is an actual event said to have?
Which agent made a statement about an actual event?
On which sources these statements were based?
What were circumstances of providing information about an actual event?
ReportingNewsEvent What aspects of an actual event were presented in the news message?
Who reported an actual event? Which news provider they represented?
When was a certain actual event reported for the first time?
What actual events are presented in a certain medium/by media of a certain news provider?
How was an actual event presented?
ResourceAbundanceObservation What resource is observed? For what year and at what abundance level?
ResourceExploitationObservation What resource is observed? For what year and at what exploitation rate and exploitation state?
Role task What roles are this task of?
What tasks do have this role?
Roles (OWL 2)
Scorepart What is the instrument playing a specific score part?
How many voices does the score part have?
Which are the metrics defining the sections of the score part?
Sequence What is before what?
What's next?
What's immediately following this?
Set What is the cardinality (size) of this set?
What are the elements in this set?
SimpleOrAggregated What elements are aggregated members of this object?
What is this object aggregated member of?
Situation What is the context or situation of something? What are the things present in this context or situation?
Smart City Strategy Design How to model a city problems?

How to define a city vision? How to define mission(s) and value(s)? How to identify goals? How to define goals? How to identigy objectives and strategies? How to define objectives? How to formally design strategies for a city transformation?

How to design projects for a smart city?
SmartHome CQs can be anything related to the main aspects of a smart environment represented in the form of ontology patterns imported in SmartEnv. The competency questions related to each pattern is given separately.
SmartHome Event What are the preconditions of a comple event? And what is the temporal distance between a complex event and its preconditions?
Who has participanted in the event? (Dul:Agent)
Which situation (including object; its property and its state) has been captured in the form of a manifestation event?
When does an Event occur? (Dul:TimeInterval)
SmartHome FeatureOfInterest What is the object which is the interest of the observation process? Which property pf this object is important?
Which sensing process (SSN:Sensing) is monitoring the state of the feature of interest (i.e. a specific property of the object)
SmartHome Geometry What are the spatial entities (objects with geometry) in a smart home environment?
SmartHome Network What are the nodes that are sending data to a given receiver?
What is the receiving node of the given set of sending nodes?
Which types of nodes are available in a network?
SmartHome Object Where is the location of a given object?
Which objects are used as the holder of sensors in the smart home environment?
Which devices (e.g. sensors) are attached to a NodeHolder?
Which objects are there in a smart home environment?
Which objects are the interest of the observation process?
SmartHome Place What are the spatial/directional relations between sections of a smart home?
Which physical objects are located in a section of a smart environment?
How many and what sections are there in the SmartHome?
SmartHome Property What are the properties of a physical object in a smart home?
SmartHome Sensing What sensors are involved (implement) the sensing process?
What is the output of the sensing process?
When the sensor output is generated by the sensor?
Which feature of interest is considered for the observation (sensing) process?
SmartHome Situation What is the state of the feature of interest in the smart home?
What are the equivalent situations of the given one (which situation is proxy of another one). It is possible to find two different situations equivalent from the observation process's perspective. For instance in order to see if the fan above the oven is switched on we can either check the electriccurrent of the fan (first situation) or the luminosity of its lamp (second situation).
Which feature (property) of an object (feature of interest) is used to conceptualize a situation?
SmartHome TimeInterval What is the time interval between two specific timestamps in the form of dates?
What is the temporal distance between two specific time steps?
What is the starting/ending timestamp?
Social Reality (OWL 2)
Spatial Graph Adapter (SGA) 1. What spaces is this damaged structural beam a part of (without needing to iterate through every existing spatial component or coordinate set)?

2. Exactly how much of this structural element is exposed and to what spaces?

3. What are all of the spatial elements in this graph that contain void spaces (air spaces in assemblies that could be susceptible to damage)?

4. What thermal or occupancy zones is this assembly associated with (these may or may not have to do with adjacency or locality)?

5. What sets of columns are responsible for supporting floors X and Y?
SpatioTemporalExtent Where is Poland located in 1700?
List all places and time in which the 1990 World Chess Championship Match take place.
Where and when did the oceanographic cruise A01132 go?
SpeciesBathymetry what species have what (typical) bathymetric range in what water area? where can species be typical found for a certain water area?
SpeciesConditions what are the typical living conditions of a certain aquatic species? what are the aquatic species that live in a certain habitat/bathymetric range for that water area?
SpeciesConservation What is the conservation status of this species? What are the species with a specific conservation status? What species' conservation status contain a specific string?
SpeciesEat What species feed upon a certain species? What species are eaten by a certain species? What species is preyed upon by a certain species? What species preyes upon a certain species?
SpeciesHabitat what species have what habitat in what water area?
SpeciesNames what local names are used for that species? what synonyms exist for that species? can that species be confused with some other one?
Standard Enforcer Pattern 1. Which are the standards enforced by this process?
2. Which processes enforce these standards ?
3. What is/are the domain level scope(s) of the standard?
4. Within the context of the domain what is the scope of the process to which the standard is applicable?
5. What are the prescribed guidelines for a standard?
6. Which prescribed guideline(s) of a standard does a specific process conform to?
Tagging Who is tagging (the content of) what
by using what term from what folksonomy?
Which polarity has the tagging?
TaskExecution which task is executed through this action? what actions can done in order to execute that task?
Template Instance
Time indexed participation When something participated in some event?
At what time an event had some participant?
Time indexed person role
TimeIndexedPartOf When was this object part of this other one?
Which object was this one part of at a certain time?
What are the parts of this object at a certain time?
TimeIndexedSituation At what time did a certain situation occur?
What situations occurred at a certain time?
TimeInterval What is the end time of this interval?
What is the starting time of this interval?
What is the date of this time interval?
TimePeriod Which is the measurement unit of a time period?
Which is the value of a time period?
Topic What is the topic of something?
What topics are included in this one?
What are the topics near to that one?
Trajectory Show the birds which stop at x and y
Show the birds which move at a ground speed of 0.4 m/s
Show the trajectories of rivers which cross national parks
Where are the ports at which the oceanographic cruise A3221 stopped after leaving Woods Hole?
List the places and times that represent the spatiotemporal extent of the 1990 World Chess Championship event
Transition What states of some object are changed by what event during a transition?
What is the process that is invariant through the transition?
What transitions are occurring on what object at what time?
TransportPattern What is the extent of a point source pollution event? Where was a package shipped from and where was it shipped to?
Types of entities What kind of entity is that?
Is this an event or an object?
Is this an abstract value or a quality of an entity?
VerticalDistribution What resource has what vertical distribution?
VesselSpecies what vessel types can catch what species? (provided that species are caught by geartypes are used by vessel types)
VesselWaterArea which vessel types can be used in which water areas?
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