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PharmaceuticalProducts Composition

Title: Pharmaceutical Product Composition

Description: The pharmaceutical products or drugs are chemical products composed by a set of ingredients (substances).

The ingredients are substances in a concrete dosage. The ingredients are divided in one main ingredient (mainly an active ingredient) and a set of excipients (other substances) The drugs are uniques based on their concrete composition.

I checked the Parts and Collections patterns, but I'm not pretty sure to use the Composition or Constituency in this case


Users GermanHerreroCarcel
Domains Pharmaceutical, HealthCare
Competency Questions Which is the composition of a specific pharmaceutical product?

Which pharmaceutical products are composed by Ibuprofen? Which pharmaceutical product are composed by less of 1 mg Ibuprofen?

Scenarios The Pharmaceutical product "Espidifen 600 mg" has the following composition:

As active ingredient: 600mg Ibuprofen Other ingredients or excipients: 30 mg Aspartamo (E951), 1, 340 g Sucrose, bicarnomate sodium, Sodium sucrose, mint and anise.

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