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Create a domain is not possible

Title: Create a domain while propose CP is not possible

Description: While I am editing a new modelling issue I can create a new domain if it is necessary, but this is not possible if I am proposing a new CP.

Create a domain is not possible
Authors MariaPoveda
Priority High
Status fixed

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Answer In the first solution we wanted the user to create a page for a Domain mandatorily before declaring it in the forms - both for Modeling Issues, Proposals and so on. the difference between the two forms was a mistake.

In fact is important that the portal have a page for each domain, if other objects make references to it. But finally we can leave users to decide when to create it, without forcing them to do it before. So, now, the user can type the value(s) directly in an input box, separated by a comma. The system will suggest the user while typing for a Domain already present in Odp by autocompletion. Enrico

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