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Special pages visibility

Title: Visibility of Category and Property pages to odp users

Description: There is a page that lists all properties that is visible to all odp users. There is not a similar one for Categories. I believe it would be worth to have this latter. Furthermore, it is not possible for odp users to read each property/category page (where the property/category is described), which would be very useful for a proper use of them within the portal. Although there are guidelines in forms, I would allow odp users the read access to such pages. On the other hand, I would keep preventing them to create categories and properties for the moment (which can be done by indicating requirements through feedback), and to create pages of a certain category directly from the Category Form.

Special pages visibility
Authors ValentinaPresutti
Priority High
Status fixed

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Answer All odp users can now read Categories and Properties, while they can't create new ones, or modifying them.
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