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This page is used to discuss new features between ODP administrators, testing templates or new extensions.

For tests or extension's example usage see Odp:Development/Tests


ToDo List

  • Scenarios
    • use (with page-inclusion, same as elements).
      • Are we sure?: I like the current solution, does not make the page too big (and difficult to read...) enrico
    • Moving all the content to a Scenario's page
    • [then] delete the properties Scenario and CPInstantiationExample for the fields 'Scenarios' and 'Examples (OWL files)
  • Mail services
    • when a new account request is posted, send e-mail to bureaucrats
    • newsletter
    • Watch list with e-mail advertising: Improving the mediawiki feature 'Watch list' with email Mediawiki already does it.
  • Reviews
    • 'ask for review'
    • Automatically insert the current version id when submitting a new Review not using a direct link from the proposal's page
  • Create the Content OP Form (Template is the same as Content OP Proposal)
  • browsing catalogue's owl through KANZAKI stylesheets (courtesy of http://www.kanzaki.com/ns/)
  • ODP Skin

Done List

  • send article by e-mail extension
  • Scenarios
    • New category CPExample or Scenario for a new kind of page
    • Template and form for scenarios (Description (Description), Image (GraphicallyRepresentedBy), OWL file (OWLImplementation -URL-) ).
    • Create the property 'scenarioOf' to link the Scenario's page to the pattern(s)
    • Adding a link for adding scenarios, and including the list of the related scenarios (with page-inclusion, same as elements)
  • adding property: GraphicallyRepresentedBy for pattern diagram
  • News procedure added from page Odp:News
  • www.ontologydesignpatterns.org is now redirected to ontologydesignpatterns.org
  • Review's procedure related to VersionID of the article
  • Extension ReplaceText installed, go to see it



  • loading a User info directly from a FOAF file
  • Adding a user to a personal friend list

Open ID

  • OpenID
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