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Tasks/Refactor references

Title: Refactor references

Description: Task Tasks/References for Exemplary Tasks has been completed. References can now be added as n-ary relations (more at this page).

The actual content of

  • Patterns,
  • Exemplary ontologies,
  • Modeling issues,
  • Domains

sometimes contains references as single property values.

Some of this references should be refactored. This must be done manually.

The following actions are required:

  • Define which properties should be refactored
  • Create a reference for each value (existent examples are at this page)
  • Remove the old properties from forms and templates

This task is considered a bugfix (legacy structure/data still remains after a techincal improvement)

  • Type: Bugfix
  • Posted by: EnricoDaga
  • Status: dealing with
  • Priority: High


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