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AldoGangemi about ConceptGroup +Fair
AlessandroAdamou about DisjointnessOfComplement (DOC) +This proposal could bring up some fruitful This proposal could bring up some fruitful discussion during the workshop. I, for one, had never even thought about the very existence of such a pitfall in ontology engineering, and the first time I read it I was questioning the actual utility of such a pattern, though some more thorough analysis made me change my mind. thorough analysis made me change my mind.
AlessandroAdamou about Inverse n-ary relationship +It would be useful to discuss in a workshop to what extent this proposal qualifies as a pattern.
AlessandroAdamou about Object with states +The ODP addresses a horizontal problem in ontology modeling, although by ruling out or underspecifying spatial and temporal contexts of states, it restricts more than it should.
AlessandroAdamou about OnlynessIsLoneliness (OIL) +One thorny issue has come to my mind while One thorny issue has come to my mind while reviewing this proposal, and I believe it could raise a relevant point of discussion. The authors argue that there are psychological motivations for following this antipattern, as modellers tend to forget about having previously added certain restrictions to their ontology. For that matter, they might not even remember that they should apply this pattern, though. So, I think it should not be their job to apply this pattern manually, and the task could be deferred to automatic refactoring engines in development tools, APIs and so on. If using the pattern or the antipattern may not be considered to be semantically equivalent human intervention could be requested on a case-by-case basis. But then again, other colleagues' mileage may vary. again, other colleagues' mileage may vary.
AlessandroAdamou about Reactor pattern +High, due to its attempt at tackling the cause/effect representation problem and bringing it to the domain of process models.
AlessandroAdamou about Symmetric n-ary relationship +Unquestionably relevant.
AndreaNuzzolese about Reactor pattern +The relevance is high.


BenedictoRodriguezCastro about Object with states 2 +The scenario described is very frequent in real world Web applications and makes the pattern very relevant to the WOP workshop and the Ontology Engineering community.
BenedictoRodriguezCastro about Template Instance +Upfront, the modelling scenario addressed comes accross as very likely to occur and therefore the pattern can be very relevant to the community.
BenedictoRodriguezCastro about TransportPattern +See section "Review Summary".
BorisVillazón-Terrazas about Define Hybrid Class Resolving Disjointness due to Subsomption +High
BorisVillazón-Terrazas about Faceted Classification Scheme +High
BorisVillazón-Terrazas about Normalization +High
BorisVillazón-Terrazas about Standard Enforcer Pattern +The pattern is relevant
BorisVillazón-Terrazas about Template Instance +The pattern is very relevant to the community.
BorisVillazón-Terrazas about TransportPattern +Fair
BorisVillazón-Terrazas about Xsd:sequence embedding +High


EnricoDaga about Xsd:sequence embedding +The problem of reengineering XML-based structures to patterns should be faced in the near future by the community. A revised version of this pattern could have a place in that scenario.
EnricoMotta about Context Slices +This is a very interesting and useful pattern providing a generic solution to a modelling problem which is more or less ubiquitous when using KR techniques to solve real world problems.
EnricoMotta about Literal Reification +This is very useful pattern applicable to zillions of scenarios


FrancoisScharffe about Classification scheme - adjacency list model - to Taxonomy +This might be useful even if the problem is rather simple.
FrancoisScharffe about ConceptGroup +relevant
FrancoisScharffe about Enlarge Class Definition for Resolving Disjointness due to Subsomption +Medium - High


GerdGroener about Classification scheme - path enumeration model - to Taxonomy +medium
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