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Review Summary: This pattern suggests solution for solving inconsistency problem caused by subsumption of two disjoint classes by enlarging class definition.
Reviewer Confidence: Medium (review by Ondrej Zamazal)
Problems: The patterns suggests to enlarge class definition. However afterwards what about disjointness of original siblings (from example Animal and Plan). Enlarged class will still be disjoint with the Animal class or not? It is not clear for me now and it would be good to discuss this in the pattern description. This pattern is strongly related to pattern 'Define Hybrid Class Resolving Disjointness due to Subsumption' which should be explicitly mentioned there (they are from the same author). Perhaps it would be even better to have these two solutions for one problem in one pattern description with clear distinguishing when which solution should be applied (also wrt. an application of ontology which influence modeling choice). Defining hybrid class seems to me be better solution. Therefore it would be good to mention arguments against and in favor of these two solutions of one specific problem. General remark: If I remember well there is one category of ODP patterns 'Change Management Patterns' and sub-category 'Inconsistency pattern'. It seems it perfectly fits into this category. But perhaps it is not in official catalog so far.
Community Relevance: Medium - High
Relation to Best Practices: High
Reusability: Medium
Relations to Other Patterns: Define Hybrid Class Resolving Disjointness due to Subsumption
Overall Understandability: High for problem description, medium for solution
Clear Problem Description: It is clearly described.
Clear Relevance and Consequences: Relevance is clear. However logical consequences of enlarging definition is a bit obscure.
Clear Figures and Illustrations: Despite clear figures, it would be better to visualize it on the web page directly.
Missing Information: relation to 'Define Hybrid Class Resolving Disjointness due to Subsumption' pattern, dicussion about logical and modelling consequences of this solution, argumentation wrt. the other solution ('Define Hybrid Class Resolving Disjointness due to Subsumption') to the same problem

Posted: 2009/9/11 Last modified: 2009/9/11

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