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MariaPoveda about TransportPattern (Revision ID: 11661)

Overall suggestion (score): 0 - needs major revision

Review Summary: The goal of this pattern is modelling the movement of mass or energy from one place to another. Two competency questions are presented however the pattern does not seem to represent the information needed for answering them. Also, several fields are missing (e.g. scenarios, examples, related CPs)
Reviewer Confidence: High confidence in ontology patterns and low confidence in the given domain.
Problems: My main problems about this pattern are:

1) The solution proposed is that general that needs a lot of effort to extend and specialize it so that the proposed competency questions could be answered.

2) The authors do not reuse or mention the already existing pattern "Move"
Community Relevance: Fair
Relation to Best Practices: Low
Reusability: Fair
Relations to Other Patterns: part-of, Move
Overall Understandability: The pattern is not described in detail in the wiki page, it is difficult to understand it without the corresponding paper.
Clear Problem Description: Good
Clear Relevance and Consequences: Fair
Clear Figures and Illustrations: There is no diagram nor illustration.
Missing Information: Diagram

Scenarios Web references Examples

Related CPs

Posted: 2013/8/6 Last modified: 2013/8/6

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