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Review Summary: Path enumeration model stores a path from the root to every node in the tree by concatenating them in the path. The proposed pattern describes the way of translating classification scheme into taxonomy using path enumeration model. This pattern is explained nicely and simple enough to be widely used and accepted for a specific purpose.
Reviewer Confidence: Not confident with the problem addressed, rather the domain of the pattern.
Problems: The main problem of this pattern can be seen in its reusability. As for each classification scheme that is going to be translated into taxonomy, the path enumeration brings unique concatenations between the tree' nodes. Therefore, the proposed pattern must be uniquely organized according to the specific classification scheme. To my understanding of the problem, changing classification scheme brings new results of the applied path enumeration method. Otherwise, in case of translating wide-known classification cheme into taxonomy, such a pattern can be recommended to be used/reused.
Community Relevance: The proposed pattern is relevant to the wide community around the Semantic Web and ontologies, not particularly only to the
Relation to Best Practices: The proposed pattern is definitely an interesting solution to the translation of classification scheme into taxonomy.
Reusability: The reusability of the pattern is strictly related to classification scheme.
Relations to Other Patterns: As the author of the pattern stated, it is related to the Architectural pattern TX-AP-01.
Overall Understandability: Well presented.
Clear Problem Description: It is clear enough.
Clear Relevance and Consequences: It is clear.
Clear Figures and Illustrations: It is clear.
Missing Information: Parhaps some real usage of the proposed pattern can be found.

Posted: 2009/9/8 Last modified: 2009/9/8

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