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General information

Name Adrian Walker
Also known as
SubmittedBy Adrian Walker


Motivation Enable government and other web sites to answer an open ended collection of English questions, and also to explain the answers in English. Support government folks and citizens socially networking, Wikipedia-style, to continually expand the range of questions that can be answered.
Aim Integrate the semantics of data, with a semantics of an inference method, and

also with the meanings of open vocabulary, largely open syntax English sentences.

Solution description Please see

Elements 1. Lightweight natural language processor.

2. Semantic checker that makes helpful suggestions to authors 3. Reasoning engine based on provably correct model theoretic semantics 4. Explanation generator 5. Automatic SQL generator

Implementation Live online at Shared us is free. There are no advertisements.

Browser interface for writing and running applications.

Java web interface for use as an SOA component, or for custom user interfaces

Reusable component
Component type Extensible Java stub


Problem example We project that the target region NJ will need 1000 gallons of product 'y' in October. We then ask what alternative routes and modes-of-transportation (truck, train, boat, pipe) do we have to get that product to the region. Next we ask whether there's a refinery nearby that can produce the base product for finished product 'y'. With all of that, we finally say that we need a delivery plan that is optimized to deliver on time, make a profit, and beat the competition.
Pattern solution example
Consequences You can run the example by pointing a browser to and selecting Oil-IndustrySupplyChain1MySql1.

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