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Below you find the currently proposed Architectural OPs.

New proposals of Architectural ODPs are very welcome. Please post a new proposal if you want to contribute.

Proposed Architectural ODPs

Problem Submitted by
Device-Interface-Link Pattern To the author's knowledge, there is limited work to the knowledge description in today's telecommunication networks, let alone the knowledge pattern. Qianru Zhou
Quantity Triad Pattern Precise and coherent representation of Quantities, Units, Dimensions, and their associate Datatypes confounds all engineering and science domains and applications. Translation between different standards is problematic, performing unit conversions, performing dimensional analysis, and creating/instantiating variables in semantic applications are a few problematic areas such a pattern can help mitigate. JohnHodges
SAREF4SYST Define systems, connections between systems, and connection points to which systems can be connected. These basic concepts can be used generically to define the topology of entities of interest and can be specialised for multiple domains. Maxime Lefrançois
View Inheritance There are ontology domain concepts that are difficult to represent due to the complexities in their definition and the presence of multiple alternative criteria to classify their abstractions. BenedictoRodriguezCastro
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