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General description

Name: DigitalVideo
Submitted by: PanagiotisMitzias
Also Known As:
Intent: The pattern intends to model digital video files, their components and other associated entities, such as codecs and containers. Most significant uses of digital video domain ontologies are media archiving and digital preservation of videos and video artworks.

This pattern has been developed within the PERICLES FP7 project (



Competency Questions:
  • What does a digital video file consist of? A digital video file usually consists of one or more streams. These streams are compressed using codecs (coder-decoder) and wrapped into a container.
  • What types of streams exist in a video file? Video streams audio streams and subtitle streams. A video file has at least one video stream and may also have any number and any type of other streams.
  • What types of codecs exist? Video and audio codecs.
Solution description: The pattern’s main entity is a digital video file (DigitalVideo). Appropriate object properties connect the video file with codecs, streams, containers, etc. Additionally, the model includes the most significant descriptors for all the previous notions, such as bitrate, aspect ratio, compression type, etc.
Reusable OWL Building Block: (968)
Consequences: The design pattern is expected to facilitate the creation of digital video domain ontologies that will be exploited in the field of digital preservation. A well-established, comprehensible pattern will prove to be advantageous.
  • The digital video is wrapped by an AVI container.
  • The digital video has duration 22 minutes.
  • The video stream is processed by the QuickTime codec.
  • The audio stream has bitrate 256 kbit/s.
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