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General information

Name Quantity Triad Pattern
Also known as Jack Hodges
Author(s) Jack Hodges, Ralph Hodgson, Steve Ray
Domain (if applicable) Quantities, Measurement, Units, Dimensions
Submitted by JohnHodges


Problem description Precise and coherent representation of Quantities, Units, Dimensions, and their associate Datatypes confounds all engineering and science domains and applications. Translation between different standards is problematic, performing unit conversions, performing dimensional analysis, and creating/instantiating variables in semantic applications are a few problematic areas such a pattern can help mitigate.
Solution description A structured integration of Quantity Kinds, Quantities, and Quantity Values that are themselves integrated with QuantityKindDimensionVectors and the associated SystemsOfQuantityKinds and SystemsOfUnits allowing for general integration into any scientific domain model or pattern.
Implementation workflow
Reusable component QuantityKind, Quantity, Unit, QuantityValue, QuantityKindDimensionVector, SystemOfQuantityKind, SytemOfUnit


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