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Graphical representation

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General description

Name: Reaction
Submitted by: EnricoDaga
Also Known As: TrackableSituation, Story
Intent: To model dynamic situations, tracking agents and actions they produce, events that are results of some action(s), and consequences as new actions, i.e. reactions


Competency Questions:
  • In which order some agents has been involved in a situation?
  • Who contributed to produce a particular reaction?
  • Who contributed to some event?
  • Who produced
  • directly as well as indirectly
  • a certain event?
  • Who reacted to some event?
Solution description: This pattern defines a set of object properties to be used represent a sequence of events, generated by actions and producing some reactions.

The usage should be focused on the object properties, leaving type relations to be inferred.

Reusable OWL Building Block: (835)
Consequences: This model solution is time-indexing independent. Datatypes for that are not provided and probably it should be avoided. The focus is on the sequence.
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The Reaction Content OP locally defines the following ontology elements:

ObjectProperty hasConsequence (owl:ObjectProperty)
hasConsequence page
ObjectProperty hasNextAction (owl:ObjectProperty)
hasNextAction page
ObjectProperty hasNextEvent (owl:ObjectProperty)
hasNextEvent page
ObjectProperty hasOutcome (owl:ObjectProperty) Is also true that some action directly preceeds its outcome
hasOutcome page
ObjectProperty hasPreviousAction (owl:ObjectProperty)
hasPreviousAction page
ObjectProperty hasPreviousEvent (owl:ObjectProperty)
hasPreviousEvent page
ObjectProperty isCoagentWith (owl:ObjectProperty)
isCoagentWith page
ObjectProperty isConcurrentWith (owl:ObjectProperty)
isConcurrentWith page
ObjectProperty isConsequenceOf (owl:ObjectProperty)
isConsequenceOf page
ObjectProperty isOutcomeOf (owl:ObjectProperty) Is also true that some outcome follows some action
isOutcomeOf page
ObjectProperty isPerformedBy (owl:ObjectProperty)
isPerformedBy page
ObjectProperty isRaisedBy (owl:ObjectProperty)
isRaisedBy page
ObjectProperty performs (owl:ObjectProperty)
performs page
ObjectProperty raise (owl:ObjectProperty)
raise page
Class Action (owl:Class) Action can produce more than a single event. Mutiple events can share the same position in the sequence.
Action page
Class Consequence (owl:Class) A consequence is a kind of event which is not an outcome of any action, it is just caused by another event
Consequence page
Class Event (owl:Class)
Event page
Class ExternalAction (owl:Class)
ExternalAction page
Class ExternalAgent (owl:Class) External agents cannot react to anything!
ExternalAgent page
Class Reaction (owl:Class) Any action raised by some Event is a Reaction

This class is not intended to be instantiated.

Reaction page

Additional information

Candidates domain: Legal, Sport, Performance, Writing. [Legal] Using this pattern is possible to describe a story in terms of agents, actions and events. Can be used in the Legal domain, to represent formally the process that produced a certain crime, for example. Different versions of the story can be implemented and computed by a diff algorythm to provide support for human's analyzes and decisions. Specialization is needed, of course, to better fit the domain.

[Sport] A complete soccer match can be described by specializing/implementing this pattern. Agent, Event can be specialized to better fit the domain. Additional rules can be applied (particular event contributors can correspond to certain role) as well as additional properties (time indexing, relative to the soccer match time indexing method).

[Writing] A story script can be represented as a sequence of facts and actors. This works well for stories with a relevance of events and actions. In principle any event can be represented, also psychological feedbacks of characters and emotions, not neccessarly physical events. External agents can be used to represent natural events, as well as the


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