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General description

Name: SpeciesNames
Submitted by: AldoGangemi
Also Known As:
Intent: To express the terminological variants and the conceptual similarity that can be sources of confusion between species.
Competency Questions:
  • what local names are used for that species? what synonyms exist for that species? can that species be confused with some other one?
Solution description: --
Reusable OWL Building Block: (726)
Consequences: Terminological and conceptual similarity between species can be encoded byusing the three properties in this pattern.
Scenarios: give me the species containing local name 'oyster'; give me the synonyms and localnames for species 'Ostrica gigas'; give me the species with which species 'Ostrica gigas' can be confused
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The SpeciesNames Content OP locally defines the following ontology elements:

Class AquaticSpecies (owl:Class) Aquatic species are conceptual entities that are characterized together with resources and water areas.

Mappable to fi:Species, fi:SpeciesRef, fi:SpeciesFeature, etc.

It has related axioms from FIGIS Schema that are included in the classes linked to the fi:Species class, such as fi:SpeciesRef (holding association with fi:AqResRef, which holds association with fi:WaterAreaRef).

AquaticSpecies page
DatatypeProperty hasLocalName (owl:DatatypeProperty) Property to express a species' localname , where it is used , and any additional information like the name of the dialect or more detailed geographical information on where exactly the local-common name is used for the aquatic species in a given country.
hasLocalName page
DatatypeProperty canBeConfusedWith (owl:DatatypeProperty) A property for expressing a description of why a species may be confused with another. It may instead/also contain a list of other species with which a species may be confused.
canBeConfusedWith page
DatatypeProperty hasSynonym (owl:DatatypeProperty) Expresses the scientific names that exist for a species but are no longer valid.
hasSynonym page

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(versionInfo): 1.0


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