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Graphical representation



General description

Name: Standard Enforcer Pattern
Submitted by: MonikaSolanki
Also Known As: SEP
Intent: The remit of the SEP content pattern is to represent the relation between standards and the processes, operations, activities and services that enforce them, the domains they cater to and the scope of that specific process, operation, activity, service within the context of the domain.
Competency Questions:
  • 1. Which are the standards enforced by this process?
  • 2. Which processes enforce these standards ?
  • 3. What is/are the domain level scope(s) of the standard?
  • 4. Within the context of the domain what is the scope of the process to which the standard is applicable?
  • 5. What are the prescribed guidelines for a standard?
  • 6. Which prescribed guideline(s) of a standard does a specific process conform to?
Solution description: SEP provides a mechanism to ontologically declare the conformance of a

process with one or more standards. The pattern is flexible and compositional. It can be exploited to include few or more guidelines from multiple standards and can be easily combined with other patterns.

Reusable OWL Building Block: (1026)
Consequences: The pattern can be applied to use cases in all those domains where a standard is enforced to regulate processes. The main advantage of this pattern is that it provides the capability to link processes, operations, activities and services to their governing standards in a generic and compositional manner. In some scenarios it is possible that a process or an operation does not enforce all prescribed guidelines but enforces atleast some. The pattern accounts for that through the definition of the process enforcing the standard.
Scenarios: As an exemplifier for SEP, we present a use case from the domain of algal biomass production which depicts the application of SEP to an ontology that models algal biomass production. The Minimum Descriptive Language (MDL) standard proposed by the Algal Biomass Association is enforced by the production operation. MDL recommends a set of descriptive metrics to uniformly characterise the analysis of large scale algal operations. In this use case, the ontology defines the concepts and relationships for the operation and incorporates SEP by enforcing a guideline for measuring Carbon input to the operation.
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The Standard Enforcer Pattern Content OP locally defines the following ontology elements:

ObjectProperty enforcesGuideline (owl:ObjectProperty)
enforcesGuideline page
ObjectProperty enforcesStandard (owl:ObjectProperty)
enforcesStandard page
ObjectProperty guidelinePrescribedIn (owl:ObjectProperty)
guidelinePrescribedIn page
ObjectProperty hasDomainScope (owl:ObjectProperty)
hasDomainScope page
ObjectProperty hasProcessScope (owl:ObjectProperty)
hasProcessScope page
ObjectProperty isEnforcedBy (owl:ObjectProperty)
isEnforcedBy page
ObjectProperty prescribesGuideline (owl:ObjectProperty)
prescribesGuideline page
Class DomainScope (owl:Class) An entity that identifies the domain level scope of the standard
DomainScope page
Class Guideline (owl:Class) An entity that defines the guideline that is part of a standard
Guideline page
Class Process (owl:Class) An entity that defines a workflow, operation, activity or a service
Process page
Class ProcessEnforcingStandard (owl:Class) A process/operation/activity or serrvice that enforces one or more standard.
ProcessEnforcingStandard page
Class ProcessScope (owl:Class) An entity that defines the scope of a process
ProcessScope page
Class Standard (owl:Class) An entity that identifies a specification established through domain expert consensus that prescribes a set of rules and guidelines for a given context within the domain.
Standard page

Additional information

This ontology models the standards enforcer pattern (SEP). The main advantage of this pattern is that it provides the capability to link processes operation and activities to their governing standards in a generic way. The pattern can be applied to all those use cases where a standard is enforced.


Scenarios about Standard Enforcer Pattern

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IonelVirgilPop about Standard Enforcer Pattern 245616424 August 2012 1114911,149
BorisVillazón-Terrazas about Standard Enforcer Pattern 245617030 August 2012 1121011,210

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