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Task page ParentTask Status DevelopmentTaskType
Tasks/Add Create Task option to Task Toolbar fixed Improvement
Tasks/Add RecommendedBy property for exemplary ontologies fixed Improvement
Tasks/Add argument to simple toolbar fixed Improvement
Tasks/Add related pattern column to modeling issues table fixed Improvement
Tasks/Add support for PNG, SVG Tasks/Moving images from gif/jpeg to png/svg fixed Improvement
Tasks/Adding one-click link for adding a comment Tasks/Comments fixed Improvement
Tasks/Bug in the account administration procedure fixed Bugfix
Tasks/Change the range of the Scenario property Tasks/Moving all the content to a Scenario's page To be done Improvement
Tasks/Comments fixed Improvement
Tasks/Create References Tab abandoned Bugfix
Tasks/Create new domain not recognize existing domain fixed Bugfix
Tasks/Creating pages and categories Tasks/Scenarios fixed Improvement
Tasks/Deleting properties from Proposal's definition Tasks/Moving all the content to a Scenario's page dealing with Improvement
Tasks/Distinguishing Open and QC Reviews Tasks/Review procedure fixed Improvement
Tasks/Distracting backgrounds dealing with Improvement
Tasks/Editorial Board Group fixed Improvement
Tasks/Exemplary ontologies for a domain fixed Improvement
Tasks/Indent text a bit in Info Tip Template fixed Bugfix
Tasks/InfoTip broken for URI field fixed Bugfix
Tasks/KANZAKI stylesheets suspended Improvement
Tasks/Linking scenarios in the proposal's page Tasks/Scenarios fixed Improvement
Tasks/List of Modeling Issues has extra tables fixed Bugfix
Tasks/Mail features fixed Improvement
Tasks/Make Legacy Reference fields read-only Tasks/Refactor references fixed Bugfix
Tasks/Make it easy to add images to Modeling Issues fixed Improvement
Tasks/Modelling Issue Form Autocomplete partly working only fixed Bugfix
Tasks/Moving all the content to a Scenario's page Tasks/Scenarios To be done Bugfix
Tasks/Moving images from gif/jpeg to png/svg fixed Improvement
Tasks/Namespace for Modeling Issues dealing with Bugfix
Tasks/Newsletter dealing with Improvement
Tasks/ODP original skin fixed Improvement
Tasks/One-click facility for exporting article in RDF Tasks/RDF tools To be done Improvement
Tasks/Ontology Form Text fixed Bugfix
Tasks/Open Review Tasks/Distinguishing Open and QC Reviews fixed Improvement
Tasks/Overloaded property: Domain dealing with Improvement
Tasks/Overloaded property: RelatedCP fixed Bugfix
Tasks/Overloaded property: Title To be done Bugfix
Tasks/RDF tools dealing with Improvement
Tasks/Rationalize two kinds of scenario To be done Improvement
Tasks/Readability of Users' pages Tasks/Readability of special pages fixed Bugfix
Tasks/Readability of special pages fixed Improvement
Tasks/Red asterisks for mandatory fields fixed Improvement
Tasks/Refactor references dealing with Bugfix
Tasks/Reference not attached to subject for Ontology:DOLCE+DnS Ultralite fixed Bugfix
Tasks/References for Exemplary Ontologies fixed Improvement
Tasks/References with multiple subjects fixed Improvement
Tasks/Remove 'Examples (OWL files)' field from CP proposal form Tasks/Moving all the content to a Scenario's page To be done Improvement
Tasks/Remove owl code from Academic Role Modeling Issue To be done Improvement
Tasks/Replace SubmittedBy with RecommendedBy fixed Improvement
Tasks/Review procedure fixed Improvement
Tasks/Rights for submitting new tasks fixed Improvement
Tasks/Scenarios dealing with Improvement
Tasks/Send e-mail on account request Tasks/Mail features fixed Improvement
Tasks/Showing related Modeling issues in Pattern pages fixed Improvement
Tasks/To complete information in property pages dealing with Improvement
Tasks/Training area fixed Improvement
Tasks/Training namespace Tasks/Training area fixed Improvement
Tasks/Tutorial submission form Tasks/Training area fixed Improvement
Tasks/User name creation fixed Bugfix
Tasks/automatic upload of pattern proposals fixed Improvement
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