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Story: Medical Degrees

Competency Questions

  • When was a person awarded a certain medical degree?
  • What medical degree does a certain person hold?
  • Which medical degrees have a certain person studied for?

Contextual Statements

  • A degree is awarded on a single date.
  • A nursing educational program awards a single degree upon completion.
  • Each degree is awarded by completion of only one educational program.
  • An educational program is attended for a certain time period, and can end in either achieving a degree, or dropping out.
  • Persons can attend more than one educational program, either simultaneously or in sequence.
  • Educational programs can have requirements on one another such that a completed degree from an earlier program is required in order to attend a later program.

Reasoning Requirements

  • Currently attending a program is implied by having a starting attendance date to the program being earlier than today, and having either no ending date, or a date in the future.
  • If an educational program has as prerequisite another program, which in turn has as prerequisite a third program, then the first program mentioned depends on the third program also, transitively.
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