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First name Rinke
Last name Hoekstra
Email address -
Personal web site
Organization Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam/Universiteit van Amsterdam
Organization type Educational Training and Research Institution
Organization web site
Country Netherlands Netherlands (NL)
Role in the organization Researcher


Main motivation for joining ODP community: I am actively developing design patterns for my own work, e.g.

Rinke Hoekstra. Ontology Representation - Design Patterns and Ontologies that Make Sense, volume 197 of Frontiers of Artificial Intelligence and Applications. IOS Press, Amsterdam, June 2009.

Rinke Hoekstra. BestMap: Context-aware SKOS vocabulary mappings in OWL 2. In Proceedings of OWL: Experiences and Directions (OWLED 2009), 2009. Technical Paper.

Rinke Hoekstra and Joost Breuker. Polishing diamonds in OWL2. In Aldo Gangemi and Jérôme Euzenat, editors, Proceedings of the 16th International Conference on Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management (EKAW 2008), LNAI/LNCS. Springer Verlag, October 2008.

Possible main contribution to ODP community: To have some help to solve modeling problems

Domains of interest:

Is expert of:

How did I know about ODP: conference/public events, colleagues

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