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Ordered Lists

Title: Ordered Lists

Description: This problem originates from the W3C Decision Incubator activity, however it is not restricted to the decision-making domain, but more general.

The problem is how to best represent ordered lists in RDF/OWL. In the decision representation domain the problem arises when modeling options, where one of the options will be selected, i.e., it will be the decision.

RDF contains native constructs for sets and lists. There are also some proposals for OWL models of sets and lists to be found at What would be the best way to model this?

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Users EvaBlomqvist, JeffWaters, BobFerris
Domains General, Decision-making, Parts and Collections
Competency Questions What is the first element in this ordered list? What is the next element after this one? What criteria has been used to order the elements?
Scenarios For instance, we may start out with a dataset about earthquakes, and ask ourselves: What areas are the most prone to earthquakes? Then we would like to order our options, i.e., the areas in the dataset, based on the number or perhaps severity of the earthquakes. In a sense we are re-organizing a set of triples, by ordering them based on some criteria. How do we best represent such orderings?
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