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Representing Negation

Title: Negative Information

Description: Consider the following example sentences:

The Golgi apparatus consists of stacks of flattened sacs, or cisternae, which, unlike ER cisternae, are not physically connected.

The centrioles are not essential for cell division.

The usual replication machinery provides no way to complete the 5' ends of daughter DNA strands.

Temomeres do not contain genes.

The special base triplets UAA, UAG, and UGA do not code for amino acids but instead act as signals to stop translation.

Both nucleoli and ribosomes, unlike most other organelles, are not enclosed in membrane.

Prokaryotes do not have mitotic spindle.

Because bacteria lack nuclei, their DNA is not segregated from ribosomes and the other protein-synthesizing equipment.

The leader and trailer are not translated, nor is the poly(A) tail.

This means that most eukaryotic genes and their RNA transcripts have long noncoding stretches of nucleotides, regions that are not translated.

Molecules of tRNA are not all identical.

Neither synapsis nor chiasma formation occurs during mitosis.

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Competency Questions Is it true that the DNA is translated completely?

Can DNA and Ribosomes touch each other in Bacteria?

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