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Title: Extracting a module form Snomed CT and convert it to OWL

Description: In the context of the Semantic Nomenclature case study, we need to extract a light ontology module from Snomed CT and convert it to OWL. We need on the one hand to use the Snomed CT classes for modeling the pharmaceutical clinical product and the dosage, plus some classes around. We plan to take a small set of instances of Snomed for experimentation. This will be the first step in order to map the resulting ontology to the Semantic Nomenclature ontology network.

The focus is on semantic interoperability among different pharma terminologies.

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Users TomasPariente
Domains Pharmaceutical
Competency Questions Commercial drugs associated to a clinical drug, different dosage units for a given clinical drug, other names of the drug in other terminologies (when mapped)
Scenarios A commercial drug is part of a clinical drug
Proposed Solutions (OWL files)
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