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Context Slices +This logical pattern is a generalization o This logical pattern is a generalization of the 4D "Reusable Ontology for Fluents in OWL", presented at FOIS-2006. Welty, Chris and Richard E. Fikes. 2006. A Reusable Ontology for Fluents in OWL. In Bennet and Fellbaum, eds., ''Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Formal Ontology in Information Systems''. IOS Press. See It has been suggestion in [[Reviews:ValentinaPresutti_about_Context_Slices]] that this may be a specialization of [[Submissions:DescriptionAndSituation]]. The DandS pattern is described in a bit of distributed way across four or so patterns, lacks an example, and uses terms like "description" and "concept" in an unfamiliar way, so I am unable to understand it. The main objective of the CS pattern is to form projections of the objects into the contexts, not the relations, which is I think what DandS does. lations, which is I think what DandS does.


Summarization of an inverse n-ary relation +Logical Pattern for Modelling N-ary Relation: Introducing a New Class for the Relation ( and the third consideration in


Normalization +See [[Community:References/Modularisation of domain ontologies implemented in description logics and related formalisms including owl 3|(Rector, 2003)]]


Stub Metapattern +Adila Krisnadhi, Pascal Hitzler. The Stub Metapattern. Under review at WOP 2016.
Symmetric n-ary relationship +Modelling distance between stages of St James Way during the Geobuddies ontology network development (
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