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General description

Name: GearSpecies
Submitted by: AlessandroAdamou
Also Known As:
Intent: to represent types of fishing gear with respect to the aquatic species they either are targeted to catch or can accidentally catch
Competency Questions:
  • what type of fishing gear can catch what aquatic species?
Solution description: -
Reusable OWL Building Block: (759)
Consequences: The pattern outlines the relations between aquatic species and types of fishing gear that are suitable for catching exemplars thereof. While we do not make this distinction from the species' viewpoint, we do distinguish what species are gear types targeted to and what can be also incidentally caught. Since the original model does not hint at any other possible use for the three object properties presented herein, restriction superclasses for domains and ranges have been refactored as domain and range axioms for said properties. Note that this pattern can also be combined with :gearvessel.owl for answering what species can be caught using what vessel types. This can be inferred transitively.
Scenarios: give me the gears targeting species 'tuna'; give me the gears which incidentally catch species 'dolphins'; give me the species caught using 'bottom gillnets'
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The GearSpecies Content OP locally defines the following ontology elements:

Class AquaticSpecies (owl:Class) Aquatic species are conceptual entities that are characterized together with resources and water areas.

Mappable to fi:Species, fi:SpeciesRef, fi:SpeciesFeature, etc.

It has related axioms from FIGIS Schema that are included in the classes linked to the fi:Species class, such as fi:SpeciesRef (holding association with fi:AqResRef, which holds association with fi:WaterAreaRef).

AquaticSpecies page
Class GearType (owl:Class) Gear types are conceptual entities that are characterized together with AquaticSpecies that are either targeted or can be incidentally caught.

Mappable to fi:GearTypeRef

GearType page
ObjectProperty incidentallyCatchesSpecies (owl:ObjectProperty)
incidentallyCatchesSpecies page
ObjectProperty targetsSpecies (owl:ObjectProperty)
targetsSpecies page
ObjectProperty isCaughtByGearType (owl:ObjectProperty)
isCaughtByGearType page
ObjectProperty isCaughtBy (owl:ObjectProperty)
isCaughtBy page
ObjectProperty catchesSpecies (owl:ObjectProperty)
catchesSpecies page

Additional information


(versionInfo): Created by Alessandro Adamou


(versionInfo): 1.1


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