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Graphical representation



General description

Name: List
Submitted by: EvaBlomqvist
Also Known As:
Intent: To represent ordered collections, i.e. lists.
Competency Questions:
  • What are the items (elements) in this list?
  • What is the length (size) of this list?
  • What is the first/last item in this list?
  • What resource does this list item contain?
  • What it the next/previous item in the list?
Solution description: Representing ordered lists, through a specialization of the bag pattern, where each resource in the bag is referred through an item, so that the same item can occur in several places. The usual properties of lists are also there, i.e. the sequence of elements, and references to the first and last item.
Reusable OWL Building Block: (1156)
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The List Content OP locally defines the following ontology elements:

Class ListItem (owl:Class) ListItem - Element belonging to a list
ListItem page
Class List (owl:Class) List - An ordered array of items, that can be present in multiple copies
List page
ObjectProperty lastItemOf (owl:ObjectProperty)
lastItemOf page
ObjectProperty hasLastItem (owl:FunctionalProperty) last item - The link to the last item of the list
hasLastItem page
ObjectProperty firstItemOf (owl:ObjectProperty)
firstItemOf page
ObjectProperty nextItem (owl:FunctionalProperty) next item - The link to the next item in a list (ordered collection)
nextItem page
ObjectProperty previousItem (owl:FunctionalProperty) previous item - The link to the previous item in a list (ordered collection)
previousItem page
ObjectProperty hasFirstItem (owl:FunctionalProperty) first item - The link to the first item of the list
hasFirstItem page

Additional information

The collections ontology (part of the SWAN ontologies) that this pattern is based on was created by Paolo Ciccarese - Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School, and Marco Ocana - Balboa Systems Inc. The original ontologies, and related information, are available under a Creative Commons License.


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