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Tutorial Training:ContentPatterns@SSSW
Title MusicIndustryExercise

To model one of the following sentences by reusing content patterns. Each sentence is associated to a set of compentency questions:

  • s1: The “Red Hot Chili Peppers” are: Anthony Kiedis (vocals), Flea (bass, trumpet, keyboards, and vocals), John Frusciante (guitar), and Chad Smith (drums).
  • instance-free s1:
  1. Band members are persons
  2. A person has a role
  3. A person can play an instrument
  • s1 competency questions
    • cq1: Who are the members of a band?
    • cq2: Which band a certain person is a member of?
    • cq3: What roles has a certain person?
    • cq4: Who has a certain role?
    • cq5: What instruments can play a certain person?
    • cq6: Who can play a certain instrument?

  • s2: During 2005, the band recorded the album “Stadium Arcadium”.
  • instance-free s2:
  1. Members of a band record an album at a certain time interval
  • s2 competency questions
    • cq7: When has been recorded a certain album?
    • cq8: Who is involved in the recording of a certain album?

  • s3: The album contains 28 tracks, and has been released in May 2006.
  • instance-free s3:
  1. A recorded album contains tracks and is released at a certain time interval.
  • s3 competency questions
    • cq9: When was a certain album released?
    • cq10: What albums have been released at a certain time interval?
    • cq11: What tracks are included in a certain album?
    • cq12: What albums a certain track is contained in?
    • cq13: What tracks were produced for albums recorded at a certain time interval?

  • s4: It includes the track of the song “Hump de Bump”, which was composed in January 2004.
  • instance-free s4:
  1. Songs are composed at a certain time and recorded as tracks at a certain time.
  • s4 competency questions
    • cq14: What tracks are the recording of a certain song?
    • cq15: When was a song composed?
    • cq16: When was a track recorded?
    • cq17: When was a song recorded as a track?

  • s5: The critic Crian Hiatt defines the album as "the most ambitious work in his twenty-three-year career".
  • instance-free s5:
  1. A critique by a Person about an album has a text.
  • s5 competency questions
    • cq17: Who did express a critique about a certain album?
    • cq18: What albums did review a certain critic?
    • cq19: What does a certain critic say about a certain album?


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