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Tutorial Training:Legal Ontology Design
Title LegalPersonExercise

To model one of the following sentences by reusing content patterns. Each sentence is associated to a set of compentency questions that target legal concepts:

  • s1: FIAT (Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino) was founded in Turin in 1899 by Bricherasio, Goria, Biscaretti, Ferrero, Ceriana-Mayneri, Racca, Scarfiotti, Damerino, Agnelli and the Bank di Sconto e Sete.
  • instance-free s1:
  1. Legal persons are founded by persons (legal or physical) with legal capacity.
  2. Legal persons are founded at a certain point in time.
  3. Legal persons are founded at a location.
  • s1 competency questions
    • cq1: Who founded a legal person?
    • cq2: When was a legal person founded?
    • cq3: Where was a legal person founded?
  • s2: The deed of constitution of FIAT, showing the Savoy coat of arms and the original company name on its cover, was drafted by the public notary Ernesto Torretta, signed by all the founders, and registered on the 11th July 1899.
  • instance-free s2:
  1. Legal persons are created by a deed of constitution.
  2. A deed of constitution shows text and pictures.
  3. A deed of constitution is drafted by a public notary.
  4. A deed of constitution is signed by the founder persons at a certain point in time.
  • s2 competency questions
    • cq4: Who signed the deed of constitution of a certain legal person?
    • cq5: What is shown in a deed of constitution?
    • cq6: Who prepared a deed of constitution?
    • cq7: When and where was a deed signed and registered?
  • s3: In 1902 Giovanni Agnelli was CEO of FIAT.
  • instance-free s3:
  1. A person is CEO of a legal person.
  2. Persons can be CEO of a legal person during a certain time interval.
  • s3 competency questions
    • cq8: Who is CEO of a legal person?
    • cq9: In what time interval is someone CEO of a legal person?
  • s4: In 1949 FIAT started producing the models 500C, 1100E and 1500E.
  • instance-free s4:
  1. Automotive companies produce car models.
  2. Car models start being produced from a certain time on.
  • s4 competency questions
    • cq10: What company produces a certain car model?
    • cq11: When did a company start producing a certain car model?
  • s5: In 1984 FIAT acquired Alfa Romeo for £750 billion.
  • instance-free s5:
  1. Legal persons acquire other legal persons at a certain time and a certain cost.
  • s5 competency questions
    • cq12: Who, when, and for how much acquired a certain legal person?


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