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|Domain=General, Vocabulary,
|Domain=General, Vocabulary,
|CompetencyQuestion=Allow me to retrieve all "elements" (classes/individuals) of a "domain concept" viewed by a "classification criterion".
|CompetencyQuestion=Allow me to retrieve all "elements" (classes/individuals) of a "domain concept" viewed by a "classification criterion".
|Scenario=Retrieve all "dishwashing detergents" whose "Brand" is "Palmolive" and whose "Scent" is "Orange".
|RelatedPattern=Partition, Normalization
{{Additional information header}}
{{Additional information header}}

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Multiple Alternative Classification Criteria

Title: Faceted Classification Scheme (FCS)

Description: This modeling issue refers to the conceptualization of a specific domain concept using a Faceted Classification Scheme (FCS).

A FCS is defined as: "a set of mutually exclusive and jointly exhaustive categories, each made by isolating one perspective on the items (a facet), that combine to completely describe all the objects in question, and which users can use, by searching and browsing, to find what they need" (Denton, 2003).


Image:Denton - 2003 - FCS Dishwashing Detergent.jpg


Users BenedictoRodriguezCastro, HughGlaser, LesCarr
Domains General, Vocabulary
Competency Questions Allow me to retrieve all "elements" (classes/individuals) of a "domain concept" viewed by a "classification criterion".
Scenarios Retrieve all "dishwashing detergents" whose "Brand" is "Palmolive" and whose "Scent" is "Orange".
Proposed Solutions (OWL files)
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