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Association for Ontology Design & Patterns (ODPA)

Welcome to the main page of the Association for Ontology Design & Patterns (ODPA). The ODPA’s goals are to promote high-quality ontology design and engineering, with a focus on methods and tools arising out of ontology design patterns. In particular, the ODPA

  1. runs an annual workshop on ontology design and patterns (WOP),
  2. maintains the ontologydesignpatterns.org portal (this site),
  3. runs a public mailing list related to ontology design and patterns (a Google group), and
  4. engages in additional activities to promote ontology design & patterns, including the provision of dissemination materials, educational activities, and engagement with researchers and practitioners.

WOP - workshop series

For an overview see the WOP main page, or go directly to the individual WOP instances:


For details of the ODPA mission and organisation, see the current ODPA charter. The ODPA was formed in 2016.

The ODPA is run by a board, consisting of regular board members, a managing committee, and a set of executive members. In addition to the board, the association has a set of regular members, mainly former board members and WOP chairs. Most activities of the ODPA, such as the WOP workshop, mailing list etc. are open to anyone, regardless if they are members of the ODPA or not. Only at the yearly meeting, where the board is elected, is it required to be a member in order to be eligible for voting - although the meeting as such will be open to anyone.

The latest yearly meeting took place on February 23rd 2017, 7pm CET. Minutes of this meeting can be found here.

Managing committee

Other board members

  • Aldo Gangemi, ISTC-CNR (elected 2016-2018)
  • Krzysztof Janowicz, University of California, Santa Barbara (elected 2016-2018)
  • Agnieszka Lawrynowicz, Poznan University of Technology (elected 2017-2019)
  • Adila Krisnadhi, Universitas Indonesia (elected 2017-2019)

Executive members

  • Andrea Nuzzolese, ISTC-CNR (WOP co-chair 2016 and developer of ontologydesignpatterns.org - elected 2016-2018)
  • Karl Hammar, Jönköping University (WOP co-chair 2016 and developer of ontologydesignpatterns.org - elected 2016-2018)

Additional members of the ODPA association

  • Steffen Staab, University of Koblenz
  • Silvio Peroni, University of Bologna
  • Monika Solanki, University of Oxford (WOP co-chair 2016)
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