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What is ODP?

OntologyDesignPatterns.org is a Semantic Web portal dedicated to ontology design patterns (OPs) for the Semantic Web, developed in the context of the Image:Neonlogo.jpg project (http://www.neon-project.org).

How do I join?

ODP Users are all Semantic Web users who are interested in best practices of ontology design and ontology engineering. If you are interested to contribute, request and account from the ODP account request page.

Content of the Portal

  • The ODP official catalogue is managed by a peer-reviewing mechanism. In this catalogue you can find ontology design patterns to help you in your design efforts, and the quality control of the portal ensures that you can trust what you reuse. OPs are of different types and can help you in many different ways when modelling, browse around the protal and find out how OPs can help You!
  • You can also proposed content OPs.The proposed patterns should come from practical and succesful experiences of ontology development. Typically, proposed CPs include a downloadable OWL implementation.

And much more... check out the about ODP page for more information on the portal content and structure, or start browsing the portal using the links to the left!

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