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Current revision ID: 9064

Graphical representation



General description

Name: AquaticResourceObservation
Submitted by: AldoGangemi
Also Known As:
Intent: To represent the aquatic observation data extracted from factsheet application. An aquatic observation refers to a specific year, is about an aquatic resource, and is situated in a given habitat, in which the aquatic species from the resource live. Observations can have a reporting year that is different from the observation time.


Competency Questions:
  • For an aquatic resource
  • what species
  • in what fishing areas
  • climatic zones
  • bottom types
  • depth zones
  • geo forms
  • horizontal and vertical distribution
  • and for what standardized abundance level
  • exploitation state and rate
  • have been observed? for what reference year? At what year the observation has been recorded?
Solution description: This pattern specializes the observation pattern in order to represent situations of aquatic resource features, which contain parameters, time, place, etc. A peculiar difference is the use of two temporal indexes: reference and reporting times. The first is the time, at which the situation represented occurred; the second is the time, at which the observation has been reported.
Reusable OWL Building Block: (829)
Consequences: We are able to query and reason on the data extracted from the FactSheets XML database, concerning the observation of aquatic resources. There are more data in that database, however.
Scenarios: The aquatic resource for Skipjack tuna in Northern Atlantic in 2004 (as reported in 2008) was observed with low abundance level.
Known Uses:
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Specialization Of:
Related CPs:


The AquaticResourceObservation Content OP locally defines the following ontology elements:

ObjectProperty bottomTypeOfObservation (owl:ObjectProperty)
bottomTypeOfObservation page
ObjectProperty climaticZoneOfObservation (owl:ObjectProperty)
climaticZoneOfObservation page
ObjectProperty depthZoneOfObservation (owl:ObjectProperty)
depthZoneOfObservation page
ObjectProperty fishingAreaOfObservation (owl:ObjectProperty)
fishingAreaOfObservation page
ObjectProperty geoFormOfObservation (owl:ObjectProperty)
geoFormOfObservation page
ObjectProperty horizontalDistributionOfObservation (owl:ObjectProperty)
horizontalDistributionOfObservation page
ObjectProperty ofBottomType (owl:ObjectProperty)
ofBottomType page
ObjectProperty ofClimaticZone (owl:ObjectProperty)
ofClimaticZone page
ObjectProperty ofDepthZone (owl:ObjectProperty)
ofDepthZone page
ObjectProperty ofFishingArea (owl:ObjectProperty)
ofFishingArea page
ObjectProperty ofGeoForm (owl:ObjectProperty)
ofGeoForm page
ObjectProperty ofHorizontalDistribution (owl:ObjectProperty)
ofHorizontalDistribution page
ObjectProperty ofSpecies (owl:ObjectProperty)
ofSpecies page
ObjectProperty ofStdAbundanceLevel (owl:ObjectProperty)
ofStdAbundanceLevel page
ObjectProperty ofStdExploitationRate (owl:ObjectProperty)
ofStdExploitationRate page
ObjectProperty ofStdExploitationState (owl:ObjectProperty)
ofStdExploitationState page
ObjectProperty ofVerticalDistribution (owl:ObjectProperty)
ofVerticalDistribution page
ObjectProperty speciesFromObservation (owl:ObjectProperty)
speciesFromObservation page
ObjectProperty stdAbundanceLevelOfObservation (owl:ObjectProperty)
stdAbundanceLevelOfObservation page
ObjectProperty stdExploitationRateOfObservation (owl:ObjectProperty)
stdExploitationRateOfObservation page
ObjectProperty stdExploitationStateOfObservation (owl:ObjectProperty)
stdExploitationStateOfObservation page
ObjectProperty verticalDistributionOfObservation (owl:ObjectProperty)
verticalDistributionOfObservation page
DatatypeProperty forReferenceYear (owl:DatatypeProperty)
forReferenceYear page
DatatypeProperty hasReportingYear (owl:DatatypeProperty)
hasReportingYear page
Class AquaticResource (owl:Class) An aquatic resource.
AquaticResource page
Class AquaticResourceObservation (owl:Class) An observation singled out of reported data, once a year, about an aquatic resource.
AquaticResourceObservation page
Class BottomType (owl:Class)
BottomType page
Class ClimaticZone (owl:Class)
ClimaticZone page
Class DepthZone (owl:Class)
DepthZone page
Class GeoForm (owl:Class)
GeoForm page
Class HorizontalDistribution (owl:Class)
HorizontalDistribution page
Class StdAbundanceLevel (owl:Class)
StdAbundanceLevel page
Class StdExploitationRate (owl:Class)
StdExploitationRate page
Class StdExploitationState (owl:Class)
StdExploitationState page
Class VerticalDistribution (owl:Class)
VerticalDistribution page

Additional information

An ontology that represents the semantics of a database view about aquatic resources and their related data


Scenarios about AquaticResourceObservation

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Reviews about AquaticResourceObservation
Review article Posted on About revision (current is 9064)
AldoGangemi about AquaticResourceObservation 245490817 March 2009 36463,646
AldoGangemi about AquaticResourceObservation 245490817 March 2009 36463,646

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