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General description

Name: CatchRecord
Submitted by: AldoGangemi
Also Known As:
Intent: To represent the catch records from time series FIGIS application, which contain temporally-indexed aggregated information about aquatic species cacthing.


Competency Questions:
  • What species
  • and what amount of organisms
  • have been caught from what areas
  • countries
  • at what date and fishing year?
Solution description: This pattern specializes the observation pattern in order to represent situations of aquatic species catching that contain parameters, time, place, etc. A peculiar difference is the use of two temporal indexes: reference and reporting times. The first is the time, at which the situation represented occurred; the second is the time, at which the observation has been reported.
Reusable OWL Building Block: (749)
Consequences: We are able to query time-series data for catches of species in a certain fishing area, by vessels of some country, with anounts and measurement units.
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The CatchRecord Content OP locally defines the following ontology elements:

ObjectProperty countryOfRecord (owl:ObjectProperty) The country parameter for a species catch record.
countryOfRecord page
ObjectProperty fishingAreaOfRecord (owl:ObjectProperty) The area parameter for a species catch record.
fishingAreaOfRecord page
ObjectProperty forCountry (owl:ObjectProperty) The country parameter for a species catch record.
forCountry page
ObjectProperty fromFishingArea (owl:ObjectProperty) The area parameter for a species catch record.
fromFishingArea page
ObjectProperty hasCatchRecord (owl:ObjectProperty) The catch record of a species, i.e. its statistical observation over a reference year.
hasCatchRecord page
ObjectProperty isCatchRecordFor (owl:ObjectProperty) The catch record of a species, i.e. its statistical observation over a reference year.
isCatchRecordFor page
ObjectProperty unitUsedInRecord (owl:ObjectProperty) The unit of measure parameter for a species catch record.
unitUsedInRecord page
ObjectProperty withUnit (owl:ObjectProperty) The unit of measure parameter for a species catch record.
withUnit page
DatatypeProperty amount (owl:DatatypeProperty)
amount page
DatatypeProperty referenceYear (owl:DatatypeProperty) The year for which the status of the target object (e.g. Marine Resource, Fishery...) has been evaluated.
referenceYear page
DatatypeProperty reportingYear (owl:DatatypeProperty) The year in which a catch record has been officially reported (different from its reference year, i.e. the year of the actual observation).
reportingYear page
Class CatchRecord (owl:Class) A design pattern representing the semantics of the data contained in a database view (record) about catches of species in certain fishing areas for a certain reference year.
CatchRecord page
Class Country (owl:Class)
Country page
Class UnitOfMeasure (owl:Class)
UnitOfMeasure page

Additional information

A design pattern for populating an ontology of aquatic species catching records.


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