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* [[Submissions:LogicalODPs|Logical ODPs]]
* [[Submissions:LogicalODPs|Logical ODPs]]
* [[Submissions:ArchitecturalODPs|Architectural ODPs]]
* [[Submissions:ArchitecturalODPs|Architectural ODPs]]
* [[Submissions:LexicoSyntacticODPs|Lexico-Syntactic ODPs]]

Current revision

This area aims at collecting Ontology Design Pattern proposals from ODP users.

After the author has finished the submission and asked for a review, the proposals are assigned to at least two members of the ODP Quality Committee, who are expected to provide a review.

Positive reviews can be accompanied with guidelines for fixing possible problems of the proposed Content OP.

Once such problems have been addressed, the proposed Content OP can be certified and published in the official catalogue.

See the submissions list:

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