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Current revision ID: 11091

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General description

Name: OOPMetrics
Submitted by: IonelVirgilPop
Also Known As:
Intent: To represent software metrics especially for the purpose of detecting design-flaws in software systems based on metrics. This is useful for re-engineering the system.

Software Metrics

Competency Questions:
  • What are the software metrics for a particular project/package/class/method?

Knowing the software metrics

  • is there a design-flaw in the software system?
Solution description: This is an ontology pattern that represents software metrics for OOP.
Reusable OWL Building Block: (1110)
Scenarios: Find if a class is a God Class
Known Uses:
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Specialization Of:
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The OOPMetrics Content OP locally defines the following ontology elements:

ObjectProperty hasClass (owl:ObjectProperty) Refers to an OOPClass from an OOPPackage.

Se refera la o OOPClass dintr-un OOPPackage.

hasClass page
ObjectProperty hasMethod (owl:ObjectProperty) Refers to an OOPMethod from an OOPClass.

Se refera la o OOPMethod dintr-o OOPClass.

hasMethod page
ObjectProperty hasMetric (owl:ObjectProperty) Refers to a software metric that an OOPProject/OOPPackage/OOPClass/OOPMethod has.

Se refera la o metrica soft pe care o are un/o OOPProject/OOPPackage/OOPClass/ OOPMethod.

hasMetric page
ObjectProperty hasPackage (owl:ObjectProperty) Refers to an OOPPackage from an OOPProject.

Se refera la un OOPPackage dintr-un OOPProject.

hasPackage page
DatatypeProperty hasFloatValue (owl:DatatypeProperty) The real value of the software metric.

Valoarea reala pentru metrica soft.

hasFloatValue page
DatatypeProperty hasIntegerValue (owl:DatatypeProperty) The integer value of the software metric.

Valoarea intreaga pentru metrica soft.

hasIntegerValue page
DatatypeProperty hasName (owl:DatatypeProperty) This represents the name (more precisely the acronym) of the category of software metric. Such as: "WMC" for "Weighted Methods Count", TCC for "Tight Class Cohesion", etc.

Aceasta reprezinta numele (mai precis acronimul) pentru categoria de metrica soft. Cum ar fi: "WMC" pentru "Weighted Methods Count", TCC pentru "Tight Class Cohesion", etc.

hasName page
Class OOPClass (owl:Class) This represents the "class" concept from object-oriented programming.

Aceasta reprezinta conceptul "clasa" din programarea orientata obiect.

OOPClass page
Class OOPMethod (owl:Class) This represents the "method" concept from object-oriented programming.

Aceasta reprezinta conceptul "metoda" din programarea orientata obiect.

OOPMethod page
Class OOPMetric (owl:Class) This represents a software metric specific to object-oriented programming.

Aceasta reprezinta o metrica soft specifica programarii orientate obiect.

OOPMetric page
Class OOPPackage (owl:Class) This represents the "package" concept from object-oriented programming.

Aceasta reprezinta conceptul "pachet" din programarea orientata obiect.

OOPPackage page
Class OOPProject (owl:Class) This represents a software project.

Aceasta reprezinta un proiect soft.

OOPProject page
Student (owl:NamedIndividual)
Student page

Additional information


Scenarios about OOPMetrics

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Reviews about OOPMetrics
Review article Posted on About revision (current is 11091)
MariaPoveda about OOPMetrics 245616121 August 2012 1116111,161
RinkeHoekstra about OOPMetrics 245616121 August 2012 1116911,169

This revision (revision ID 11091) takes in account the reviews: MariaPoveda about OOPMetrics, RinkeHoekstra about OOPMetrics

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