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{{Content OP Proposal Template

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Current revision ID: 3622


General description

Name: PharmaInnova
Submitted by: User:Sandra Kohler
Also Known As:
Intent: To describe invoices with the PharmaInnova Model. We think this schema can be useful for other invoice models as well.


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Reusable OWL Building Block: (491)
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The PharmaInnova Content OP locally defines the following ontology elements:

Class Header (owl:Class) The header usually contains important information to identify the invoice like for example the complete address and the company-identification-code.
Header page
Class Body (owl:Class) The body contains all relevant invoice information like the amount of products, their net price etc.
Body page
Class Summary (owl:Class) Contains a summary of the most relevant invoice information like the payment terms and the total amount.
Summary page
Class Invoice (owl:Class)
Invoice page
ObjectProperty has_summary (owl:ObjectProperty)
has_summary page
ObjectProperty has_header (owl:ObjectProperty)
has_header page
ObjectProperty has_body (owl:ObjectProperty)
has_body page




Scenarios about PharmaInnova

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