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Title: Knowledge Engineering Course, Paris, 2013
Author(s): AldoGangemi


An introductory course to Knowledge Engineering, centered on patterns at different levels. It includes novel and existing ODP material by Aldo Gangemi (Computational Ontology Course for ontology design on the semantic web, NL to KR representation, and most exercises), open source material by Johan van Benthem's group (Logic in Action course for propositional, syllogistic, and predicate logic), by Pascal Hitzler (KR for the Semantic Web course for description logics and OWL), by the EUCLID EU project (Linked Data course) and by Sean Bechhofer (SSSW OWL session for practical OWL exercises).

Brief description

The course covers: informal KE; basics of propositional, syllogistic, predicate, and descriptive logics; semantic technologies, including design patterns, semantic web standards, linked data, NLP for KE. Exercises and projects will concentrate on semantic technology tools.


Exercises: No exercises.

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