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How can ODP help me?

  • The ODP official catalogue contains ontology design patterns (OPs) to help you in your design efforts, and the quality control of the portal ensures that you can trust what you reuse. OPs are of different types and can help you in many different ways when modelling, browse around the portal and find out how OPs can help you!
  • You can also propose content OPs. The proposed content patterns (CPs) should come from practical and successful experiences of ontology development. Typically, proposed CPs include a downloadable OWL implementation ready for reuse!

How do I join the initiative?

ODP users can be any Semantic Web users who are interested in best practices of ontology design and ontology engineering. If you want to contribute, request and account from the ODP account request page.

What is ODP?

The OntologyDesignPatterns.org is a semantic web portal dedicated to ontology design patterns (OPs) for the Semantic Web developed in the context of the Image:Neonlogo.jpg project (http://www.neon-project.org).

ODP People

ODP Users are all semantic web users who are interested in best practices of ontology design and ontology engineering. They own an ODP account that can be required from the ODP account request page.

ODP official catalogue is managed by a typical reviewing mechanism. Complimentary pattern proposals can be open reviewed from any user of the community.

The portal site also provides lots of information and also training material. There is a lot of editorial work behind ODP maintenance. For this reason ODP has two editors in chief:

that together with the Editorial Board take care of ODP content design. There discuss on a dedicated mailing list and also have periodical meetings.

There is also a Quality Committee having the role of assuring the quality of the official catalogue.

Furthermore, the administrators take care of ODP maintenance.

Visit the page of ODP group members

Content and Functionalities

OPs are of different types. Currently ODP manages Content OPs. Next step will be to manage Re-engineering OPs and Logical OPs.

  • Community: the ODP user community area. This area is completely open to ODP user contribution and discussions. Currently, as explicit feature, ODP provides its users with a facility for sharing experienced modeling/design problems with the community, in order to find some help to solve them. New features will be added based on emerging requirements.
  • Proposed Content OPs: area for Proposed Content OP submissions. This area collects all proposals of Content OPs. Users are guided through a specific form for compiling their proposal. The proposed patterns should come from practical and succesful experiences of ontology development. All proposed patterns belong to the ODP namespace named Submissions. Typically, proposed CPs include a downloadable OWL implementation.
  • Reviews: area that collects all reviews of proposed Content OPs. Proposed content OPs are reviewed by at least two members of the Quality Committee, formed by ontology experts. Reviews are all published in the Reviews area. The aim of the reviews is twofold. On one hand, they provide ODP users with ontology design rationales related to a specific domain issue. On the other hand, reviews provide the author of a certain Content OP with guidelines for fixing possible problems to the aim of certifying the Content OP.
  • Catalogue: the official Content OP catalogue. This area collects all Content OPs that are certified by the ODP Quality Committee. The only difference between the certified and the proposed Content OPs is that the formers are guaranteed to be fully described (wrt to ODP specification), certified by the ODP Quality Committee, and always associated with a reusable OWL implementation available for download.
  • Feedback: area where ODP users can give us feedbacks for improving ODP web portal through a specific form. ODP administrators uses this area to collect new requirements and discover issues to be solved.
  • Domain: the list of domains. This page lists all domains that are defined in ODP, and provides users with a facility to create new ones. Each Content OP or Modeling Issue is associated to a domain, this is why this page is important. Before to propose your Content OP or to post a modeling issue be sure your domain is already on the list or create a page for it.

Glossary of Terms

Competency Question: A competency question is a specific requirement on an ontology or a part of an ontology (e.g. an ontology design pattern). Given certain inputs, the ontology in conjunction with a reasoner can answer the competency question.

Modeling Issue: A modeling issue is a question or problem that arises during the ontology engineering process. It involves identifying what combinations of language constructs can meet the representation requirements, and evaluating the tradeoffs of different options.

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