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This page contains some useful links for the newbie at ODP and ontologies in general. Consider that these are just suggestions where to start, and we do not intend this to be a comprehensive and complete collection.

What is an ontology?

There are many views on this subject, and numerous definitions. We will not tell you which one to use, but here are some useful links to start forming your own opinion and finding more information:

What is a pattern?

Patterns are used in many areas as "templates" or abstract descriptions encoding best practices of some field. The introduction of patterns in computer science is generally attributed to inspiration taken from the architecture field and Christopher Alexander. Software patterns are probably most well known as Design Patterns, as in the GoF book from 1995. Other patterns include data model patterns, linguistic patterns, knowledge patterns and many more.

What is an ODP?

An ontology design pattern is a reusable successful solution to a recurrent modeling problem

ODPs have been described in many papers and also in deliverables of the NeOn project. Below is a short "reading list":

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