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Tasks/Distracting backgrounds

Title: Distracting backgrounds

Description: In the past week or two, I started noticing a very distracting multi-colored patterns in the background (wallpaper) for the ODP Wiki. Recommend plain background. If there are others like me, this will put them off coming to the site.

  • Priority: High

Sub-tasks: This task has no sub-tasks

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25-02-2010 EnricoDaga says:

My impression was exactly the opposite, that multiple 'patterns' in background would augment the interest in the 'browsing' of the portal.

But this can be only my impression.

Let's have other feedbacks, we can decide for:

  1. no backgrounds (a white background)
  2. one single background (optionally more opaque)
  3. a few set (three) of rotating backgrounds (optionally more opaque)
  4. multiple backgrounds (optionally more opaque)

Any other comment on this?

25-02-2010 ValentinaPresutti says:

+ 1 for option 4

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