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Tasks/Rights for submitting new tasks

Title: Rights for submitting new tasks

Description: If I use my personal account and I click on 'add new task' I can visualize the form and edit it but I cannot save it.

  • Type: Improvement
  • Posted by: Admin
  • Status: fixed
  • Priority: High

Sub-tasks: This task has no sub-tasks

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30-06-2008 EnricoDaga says:

Actually only users within the 'sysop' group can submit tasks. This because this feature of the portal is for administrators' organization of the todo's about the ODP portal :)

But we can create a group called 'developers', or something similar, for users that works around the portal's development, distinguishing from 'bureaucrats', users that decide about roles and new accounts, and 'sysop', users that can do all...

Let's think about it! ;)

30-06-2008 EnricoDaga says:

Obviously you can give to your personal account the 'sysop' rights, for the moment...

9-07-2008 Admin says:

The Editorial Board group is the right group to be allowed to submit tasks here.

10-07-2008 EnricoDaga says:


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