Training:Tutorial: Modular Ontology Modeling with Ontology Design Patterns at ESWC2017

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Title: Tutorial: Modular Ontology Modeling with Ontology Design Patterns at ESWC2017
Author(s): PascalHitzler, KarlHammar, AdilaKrisnadhi, AgnieszkaLawrynowicz, MonikaSolanki


To offer support to a continuously growing community of researchers and practitioners interested in Ontology Design patterns by way of a combination of lectures and practical work.

Brief description

The tutorial starts with a brief general introduction to ODPs, and then introduces modeling methodologies and design considerations by means of many examples from different domains and different perspectives. This will provides its attendees with an overview of methodological guidelines and specific techniques to effectively make them able to learn how to document, evaluate, select and reuse ODPs in their projects. Example of real use cases will be also shown and discussed; finally, a practical session using a plugin for design with ODPs will be performed, under the mentoring of the tutors. In this afternoon session, the attendees are engaged in a practical session on ODP-based design, after a brief introduction to a Protege plugin for ODP-based design that is provided for technical support. Attendees are required to have prior knowledge of RDF and OWL.


Exercises: No exercises.

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