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The datatype Date is used for data values that represent points in time. It is able to support dates throughout human history in a unified format, and it offers internationalisation options for supporting more languages. All dates and times refer to the "local time" of the server (or the wiki). A wiki may define what timezone this refers to by common conventions. For export, times are given without timezone information. However, time offsets to that local time are supported.

Input examples

Examples of typical input dates in English language are:

  • Feb 11 2000 10:00:01 (complete date with time)
  • Feb 11 2000 (just date)
  • 2000 (just year)
  • Feb 11 2000 10:00:01 PM (complete date with time, PM)
  • Feb 11 2000 22:00:01 PM (complete date with 24h time)
  • 2000-02-11T22:00:01 (ISO-style date)
  • 2000 February 2 (varying order of inputs is supported)
  • 2-3-2000 (preferred interpretation, month or day, sometimes depends on language settings)
  • 2/3/2000 (various kinds of separators are recognized in all languages)
  • Jan 1 300 BC (dates BC/before common era are supported)
  • 14000000000 BC (estimated age of the universe)

Other languages may also support additional strings as month names, and they may choose different preferred interpretations of ambiguous dates. The basic format, however, is the same.

More information here.

This type is among the standard datatypes of this wiki.

Properties of type "Date"

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