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First name Madhawa
Last name Perera
Email address -
Personal web site -
Organization Australian National University
Organization type Educational Training and Research Institution
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Country Australia (AU)
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Main motivation for joining ODP community: I think ontology design patterns are helpful in solving similar types of modeling problems in different domains. Even though there could be domain-specific knowledge and ontologies, we often see similar modules (core classes and relationships) which could bring redundancy if not handled properly. Thus, ODP makes modeling tasks easier while bringing the best practices of reusability and modularity into ontology engineering. I am happy to contribute with my expertise in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and Augmented Reality (AR) /Virtual Reality domains to developed ODP in those areas.

Possible main contribution to ODP community: To have some help to solve modeling problems, To help other users to solve modeling problems

Domains of interest:

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How did I know about ODP: colleagues

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