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Class Union +François Scharffe  +
Class by attribute occurence +François Scharffe  +
Class by attribute type +Francois Scharffe  +
Class by attribute value +Francois Scharffe  +
Class by path attribute value +Francois Scharffe  +
Class correspondence defined by relation domain +Francois Scharffe  +
Class equivalence +François Scharffe  +
Class intersection +François Scharffe  +
Class subsumption +FrancoisScharffe  +


Disjoint Classes +Francois Scharffe  +


Spatial Graph Adapter Pattern (moved to Content ODPs) +Holly Ferguson  +, Charles Vardeman II  +, Michelle Cheatham  +,


Vocabulary Alignment Pattern: Conjoint Instances of an external Class +ThomasRiechert  +
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